• Corporate Game of Life

    Corporate Game of Life

    Corporate Game of Life Risk everything for big gains or play it slow and steady?  How can your team make the most money in the Game of “Life?”  This giant variation of the classic game “Life” will have your group competing in a variety of corporate challenges and activities that are sure to leave your […]

  • Corporate Limpics

    Corporate Limpics

    Corporate Limpics Do you have a high energy competitive group that is ready for a challenge? Limpics allows participants to get out of their comfort zones and compete for the chance to be gold medalists… Let the games begin!   Experience the thrill of victory without a lifetime of training, qualifying and corporate sponsorships.  It’s […]

  • Flat Out: Formula One

    Flat Out: Formula One

    NASCAR’s got nothing on us! In this high energy event, teams must build race cars that are fast enough to get a good time, sturdy enough to make it through the bumping and grinding on the track, and cool enough to attract a sponsor. Creativity abounds with ‘pimping’ of the cars, and practice makes perfect as the final race is won or lost in the pit stop. Vrooom! Vrooom!

  • Game Night

    Game Night

    Game Night! Generate enthusiasm, build team spirit and have fun with this unique game show. This game keeps the excitement at a fever pitch for the entire event — because, at any moment, EVERYONE is the next contestant. The Game Night game show: Encourages maximum participation and involvement from a wide variety of players Is […]

  • Get the Point™ Gameshow

    Get the Point™ Gameshow

    This high-energy game show event is a must for your next meeting! And, since it’s a team event, EVERYONE gets to play! Teams do their best to accumulate points by tackling challenges that are take-offs of TV’s favorite game shows. Every game is custom, and our MC is hilarious!

  • Go Team: A Techno-Amazing Race

    Go Team: A Techno-Amazing Race

    Innovative teambuilding meets cutting edge technology!  Utilizing the latest in wireless advances, and building on people’s intrinsic need for fun and connectivity, The Race is immersive, reality-based gaming, starring real people. It’s a combination of Cranium, Mission: Impossible, and The Amazing Race — set in real neighborhoods everywhere.  Using ipads, smart phones, video cameras and QR codes, the event opens the door to adventure in the city you’re visiting  –  where the “board” is the zany venues of the downtown area or a theme park, your teams are the “pieces” and there is no rulebook!

  • Happy Hour Cook-Off

    Happy Hour Cook-Off

    The Chef’s whistle blows . . . the long awaited “Ladies & Gentlemen, Grab your knives!” is heard . . . the fun is about to begin. This is competition cooking at its finest! We supply the ingredients; you supply the talent, enthusiasm and creativity. Your teams prepare the Happy Hour feast!

  • In It To Win It

    In It To Win It

    Ever watch the TV show and think you could go to the top level? Now’s your chance as we bring the game alive! Compete as teams or as individuals in dozens of 60-second challenges as you work your way up the money ladder. And for an added thrill, compete in a final game for a real $1,000,000 dollars at the end!

  • In the Zone

    In the Zone

    Step right up sports fans, it’s time to get in the zone – the sports zone that is! This ultimate sports challenge will have you testing your skills and dexterity on the field! Athletes and non-athletes alike get into these crazy games that resemble ones they might know . . . but something is off kilter! Some events require skill ~ all events require teamwork, enthusiasm and humor.

  • Innoventions of the Millennium

    Innoventions of the Millennium

    In the new millennium, teams will have to be innovative and entrepreneurial to stay ahead of the curves of change, both for their own company and their clients. Explore the mental thought processes needed to come up with break-through new ideas. Each Research and Development team and must create a product to submit to a team of investors for a potential IPO.