Remote Events

  • Mystery Mementos

    Mystery Mementos

    Part Escape Room, part Clue – everyone knows something but can they put it together in time. This mystery activity allows participants to learn communication skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, and let loose. They may be working is separate locations, but through this activity they will feel bonded together. How It Works:  Each player participating […]

  • Personality Styles in the Age of Remote

    Personality Styles in the Age of Remote

    Getting the best out of your diverse team starts with everyone understanding their own and others strengths and needs. This begins with an abbreviated personality test designed to build an accurate profile of each of your team members and what makes them tick.  An open dialogue ensues about what the results mean and how best […]

  • Piece of My Art

    Piece of My Art

    Celebrate our healthcare workers by creating some ‘art from the heart’!  We all owe a HUGE debt to the folks serving on the front lines taking care of us and our families, and this event is a small way to do that.  We’ll send your team an art kit for them to create a heart […]

  • The Big Picture (Remote Version)

    The Big Picture (Remote Version)

    Everyone knows it is important to step back and look at the ‘big picture’ every now and then, particularly when working remotely and communication can be difficult.  With The Big Picture, the importance of teamwork, co-operation and communication is reinforced through the process of painting an artistic masterpiece of truly epic proportions. Armed with brushes, […]

  • uCANdo Remote

    uCANdo Remote

    Assist people in need and improve their lives by providing food, to fight hunger and poverty. uCANdo it and so can your whole team! Give back in a fun and creative way from the comfort of your own home, and compete in real time against your group! How It Works:  This is a charity competition […]

  • Virtual Brain Breaks

    Virtual Brain Breaks

    Are you noticing it takes longer and longer at the beginning of each workday to have everyone’s full attention? Is it beginning to feel like issues are springing up out of nowhere and you’re losing that personal connection with your team. If you’ve got 10-20 minutes, we’ve got an activity for you! These quick engagement […]

  • Virtual Game Show

    Virtual Game Show

    This game keeps the excitement at a fever pitch for the entire event — This game engages every player… because EVERYONE is the next contestant. Music is cranking on the speakers as the guests are welcomed into the virtual conference room.  The Virtual Game Show gets under way as excitement builds and the music crescendos […]