Ye Olde Toy Shoppe

Ye Olde Toyshoppe℠

“Feel Good . . .Do Good!”

Remember as a kid walking by the local toy store, and pressing your nose to the window to see all those neat toys? Or going by the FAO Schwartz store, and staring in amazement at the huge array of toys, games, dolls and animals? Well today, you get to recreate that wonder for some very special kids in our community! In this fun event, we combine Design on a Dime with Santa’s Workshop as your group creates a store front and assembles and decorates a wide variety of children’s toys and furnishings to be donated after the event. Get ready for huge grins – both from the kids as well as your group!

Beneficially Speaking…

This event:

  • Keeps the entire group together to interact and network throughout the event
  • Provides a fun way to give a meaningful donation to a charity while implementing a true teambuilding event.
  • Challenges participants to work together in a common task and get it done in the timelines scheduled.
  • Encourages individual talents and skills to shine as everyone contributes to the team in their own unique way.
  • Resonates a great message of how your company cares about children and families, and increases the company’s image to both the public as well to the employees themselves.

toy 2

Who You’ll Help…

Homeless women, children and families have several residential centers they can call home. These centers provide the opportunity for mothers and children to live together as a family unit and not be separated due to housing restrictions. And low income day care centers provide a home to kids so their parents can work. Many of these kids often go without the normal things we all take for granted – toys to play with, books to read, etc.

This program is about making a difference by bringing some childhood into the life of a child that has grown up without much. We’ll identify the specific agency/organization once your event date and time is firm.


The Experience…

Your group arrives to a ‘workshop’ filled with all kinds of toymaker necessities, such as:

  • Materials to assemble, build and decorate
  • Tools, paints, stencils and decorations

The teams will gather and the event will begin with a basic toy making workshop, where teams have to quickly put together wooden toys such as helicopters, boats and cars. The pressure is on, because it truly is just like Christmas Eve … an impending deadline and no directions!

After the workshop, the action begins! Teams compete in all kinds of challenges to earn assorted toys and accessories. From Name that Tune and Woordles to Toy Match Game and Giant Jenga, your teams will work together to play their way to more supplies.

Stools, blocks, mini rocking chairs, wagons, bookends, construction sets, bulletin boards, game boards and tons of toys, all in assorted degrees of completeness, are there for the teams. But there is work galore to be done to create a storefront that will wow the kids. And of course, each Toy Shoppe must have a name and sign to attract customers!


toy 5The Dramatic Finish

As the items are completed, teams clean up and regroup for the grand finale – the design of their Toy Shoppe window display! Using all the toys they’ve earned, built and designed, plus any decorations they’ve earned, they’ll create a display to appeal to the kid in us all – and the real kids! Depending on the timing of your event, the finale can be one of two things.

toy 6We’ll invite kids from the agency to come ‘shop’ for toys. As they enter the room and see the huge display of toys, it’s like Christmas morning. Wide eyed, they visit every display and judge the winner, then get set loose to pick out the item they want to personally take home. All the remaining toys get donated to the agency partner(s)

If timing doesn’t allow the kids to attend, a representative from the local charity partner will be invited to speak and share their stories. These poignant, touching and often tear-jerking testimonials will allow your group to truly create an emotional bond with the charity they are helping. The feel-good is overwhelming and indescribable as your touch is felt throughout the community.


Your Charitable Toy Shoppe Event includes the following:

  • Event design and implementation for teams with 10 players per team
  • MC and event staff to operate and facilitate the event
  • Unfinished, unassembled toys and accessories for each team
  • All tools, equipment and supplies necessary to construct and decorate toys and build store front
  • DJ and/or sound system for announcements and to provide tunes throughout the event
  • Coordination with local charities and organizations, plus delivery of materials to each
  • Customized printed rules & regulations manual for each team
  • Color coordinated team ID (bandannas or wristbands)
  • Awards for the winning team
  • All planning, coordination, implementation, set and strike of the event
  • All travel and delivery expenses
Note: Any changes in logistics, teams size/quantity, inclusions, etc may result in a price increase. All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. In addition, a 5% rush surcharge may be added for any event contract signed less than two weeks prior to the event. Agency representatives and/or kids are subject to timing of your event and availability.

Client/Hotel to Provide:

  • Indoor space/room for all activities, including any facility fees that may apply for participants and event staff
  • Parking for event staff
  • Power hook up for DJ/sound system
  • Skirted and draped banquet tables
  • Large garbage can
  • Any guest food and beverage requirements
  • Any costs associated with having the children at the event (transportation, snacks, chaperones, etc.)


Event Details:

Ideal Group Size: 20 or more guests
Length: 1.5 to 3 hours
Space Required: Indoor space