Where the Wind Blows

Where the Wind Blows

A kite building event for the kid in all of us!

Where the Wind Blows; a Kite Building Event, is designed to encourage your guests to think outside the box, innovate new creations, and collaborate as a team to create a kite that is new, creative, and pushes the limits of expectations.

You might not believe this, but the earliest known kite dates back more than 2000 years. Though the exact origin is debated, it’s believed the home of the first kite was Shandong, the eastern most province of China. The kite industry has taken leaps and bounds with the creation of stunt and power kites designed to go faster and perform more intricate tricks than ever before. Just when you would think the kiting industry is at a standstill, it always seems to find a way to innovate and keep millions of people entertained, looking eagerly for what’s next.

Where the Wind Blows event is broken down into three major segments…

Part One: Team challenges to test skills on flying, precision, and balance. Teams will compete in a series of challenges to earn points towards their final score, earn coins to “purchase” extra décor supplies at the supply depot, and learn valuable skills and techniques that will allow them to design the perfect kite.

Part Two: Design, construction, and decorating a team kite. Teams must work together to strategize, design, build, and decorate a kite that will impress the judges in style and uniqueness, but ALSO be able to withstand the competition phase.

Part Three: Kite parade and kite competitions

This part encompasses flying at its best! Teams will put their kites on display in the sky for all to admire in the Kite Parade. Then the competition starts! Teams will have to maneuver their kites a in a series of tasks. Will their kite fly higher, go faster, and withstand the winds of fate – or will they be blown away by the competition?

In the grand finale, the team that “soars to the top” will be crowned victorious, accept their prizes in the award ceremony, and have bragging rights for the rest of the conference! Are your guests ready to find out where the wind blows?