Wagon Building Challenge

Wagon Building Challenge

Now’s your chance to make dreams come true while celebrating team spirit and having fun!

Would you like to make a positive difference and leave a lasting impression in the community you’re meeting in?  Then the Wagon Building Challenge is the event to choose as your group gets involved in a service project that is also a teambuilding event!  The unique design of this event allows each person to participate in a way that is meaningful to them and knowing they made a significant contribution, while becoming comfortable and alive with team spirit. The Wagon Building Challenge helps make dreams come true for a very worthy non-profit organization. We’ll choose a local agency – a children’s hospital, foster care facility, low-income day care, or a child abuse center – to receive your generous donation. 

Remember the thrill of jumping in a wagon and being pulled down the street by one of your parents?  The excitement of opening a new toy? Today you bring that same thrill to a child who never would dream of having a wagon and toys!

In this event, your team is tasked to bring a child’s dream alive – by participating in challenges and winning toys to fill their wagon. The scope of these activities are timed, so the pressure is on to be ready for the final challenge of building your wagon!

Challenges will be designed to blend the best of team interaction with your product knowledge and meeting objectives. We’ll work with you to custom design the obstacles to fit your learnings.  As your group goes through the challenges, the building continues, and teams embrace the process of working together to accomplish the goals.

For a grand finale, the teams will compete in a ‘wagon parade’ ~ a fun and unique engager that will test their teamwork skills and reveal how they did appealing to the kids!  The BEST prize is the look on your guests’ faces when the wagons and toys are given to the representatives from a local non-profit agency!  As the teams hear how the wagons and toys will be used, the true meaning of your group’s participation becomes clear.  The kids wheel off with their brand new wagons, and your group walks away having experienced a day of fun and fulfillment, unlike any other workshop they have ever attended.