Virtual Game Show

This game keeps the excitement at a fever pitch for the entire event — This game engages every player… because EVERYONE is the next contestant. Music is cranking on the speakers as the guests are welcomed into the virtual conference room.  The Virtual Game Show gets under way as excitement builds and the music crescendos for our Game Show Host.  As the MC appears on  the screen, a quick spirit contest of “who’s gonna win” gets the contestants excited and ready to begin the game show.

The Virtual Game Show challenges will vary, to keep energy levels high and allow maximum participation output from the entire group. The games will consist of all kinds of activities – mental, creative, time crunched and some… just plain unusual.  Sample challenges might include:

  • Pop Culture Trivia
  • Running Races (virtually)
  • Buzzer Trivia
  • Word Quizzes
  • Balls to the Wall
  • Dice Duels
  • And so many more…

The gameshow works well as a standalone 30 to 60 minute event. Using a computer or mobile device, contestants will be able to access all of the challenges and games from the comfort of their home or remote offices.

You can be guaranteed that at the end of the show, all guests will leave laughing with their colleagues, and the time they attended the Virtual Game Show sponsored by YOU will go down in history!