uCANdo Remote

Assist people in need and improve their lives by providing food, to fight hunger and poverty. uCANdo it and so can your whole team! Give back in a fun and creative way from the comfort of your own home, and compete in real time against your group!

How It Works:  This is a charity competition where teams test their determination to see who can build the most astounding structure made entirely from full cans of food.  Structures are created from the imagination, by stacking a variety of can/food sizes and shapes. Participants compete to create the best sculpture. But the real WINNING FACTOR is:  Each participant purchase leads to a cash donation to food banks to feel those in need! Compare pictures, structures, and create a bond together while working far apart. 

Standard Game Inclusions:

  •  Professional Event Manager to manage your experience
  • Instructions on how to join Zoom Meeting
  • Facilitation, instructions, and rules for structures
  • 1 – 2 Hour Time Period
  • Interactive challenges done remotely within “breakouts” of your team  
  • Your Logo added into the cover page of game instructions PDF
  • Coordination with Charity Organization, and delivery of cash donation

Additional Add-Ons for customization:

  • Custom Trivia Style challenges built around your business or goals played in Zoom Breakouts

Client to Provide: 

  • Capability for all participants to join and access a Zoom Meeting at designated time (free)
  • Designated time or time frame for participants to play
  • Point of contact within company to liaison with our Event Manager
  • Each participant needs to have food at their household;  which will not be consumed during the activity,  simply used as “building blocks”