Supermarket Scramble

Supermarket Scramble

Make a difference in the community while building camaraderie in your organization! 

A scavenger hunt for the supermarket!  In this zany hunt, your teams utilize an iPad and our patented App to work creatively through challenges and leave with a sense of pride by donating their results to a local charity.

One of the most disturbing and extraordinary aspects of life in this very wealthy country is the persistence of hunger. The FDA estimates that 22.5% of all children are hungry, and that the number of families needing assistance has more than doubled since 2000.  One in six Americans are struggling with the reality of hunger and food insecurity. Through this event, your teams will help to put meals on their tables and smiles on their faces.

To begin, we’ll divide the group into teams and provide them with color coded bandannas for added team spirit.  After a short transfer to a local grocery store, the competition is on!  Each team receives a cart, an iPad, a pre-determined amount of money, and a set amount of time.  On “GO,” they have two challenges:  get as much food as they can and retrieve all the items on the list.

The challenge arises when the teams realize the list is no ordinary list; the teams must search for things that are more obscure, while testing their knowledge and creativity.  While some ideas may be fairly straight-forward, other let imagination reign to come up with unique solutions.

When the time is up, teams relinquish their items and showcase just how wild their imagination ran!  In addition, we’ll configure the total number of items they were able to accumulate within their budget with their creativity score to determine the champions. The winners go home with bragging rights and awards, while everyone goes home knowing they helped a very worthy cause.

In this team adventure, they get points for quantity, quality, thriftiness, contribution and creativity!

NOTE:  With a large group size, we may need to split up and go to different stores.