Superhero Training Camp

The Justice League Headquarters invites you to attend


SHTC1Ever dreamt of being a Superhero? Then join in this covert training mission! At Superhero Training Camp, you’ll test your skills to see if you have what it takes to leap over tall buildings, escape evil, conquer the dangerous bad guys, and of course, save the world!

At Training Camp, strength, endurance, speed and precision are tested in each of the real life Heroes camps. Your recruits will be divided into teams, and teams will rotate to the activities.

But before heading to the games, each team must create a Superhero to be the face of their team. Teams uncover strengths of their members, then using our materials and supplies design the Superhero to lead them to victory.


Choose from the below Training Missions:

Invisible Woman’s Force Field
The Invisible SHTC2Woman can create powerful fields of energy to protect herself and those around her. You’ll go inside the force field and maneuver it thru the challenges to escape the villains!


BatmaSHTC3n’s Gotham City Challenge
Gotham City needs a rebirth. And your team is just the ones to do it! Using a wide selection of boxes and other building materials, they must build a skyscraper at least 10’ tall and make sure the City can withstand an incoming attack or mother nature’s fury!

Green Arrow’s Shoot Out
SH4Famous for accuracy and strength in his shooting skills, the Green Arrow never missed. You’ll compare your skills in a fast paced, high energy game of shooting survival. Using foam tipped arrows, you are in competition to be the supreme superhero hunter. Make sure you know who is around you. Remember the hunter is also the hunted.

Riddlers Densh465
Beat the Riddler at his own game! The clock is ticking and you must solve the Riddler’s puzzles, problems and clues to unlock the ticking bomb before time is up!

Thor’s Challenge
Thor wields a huge hammer, and so will your teams! In the frenetically fast paced game, teams use giant mallets to get balls into their designated locations as quick as possible.


Comic StripSh8 Craze
Become live action heroes in your very own Superhero comic! Using our conversation bubbles, tell your story of conquering evil and saving the world.



The team that has proved themselves as the most qualified Superheroes will be honored and inducted into the ranks of the Superheroes League!

Superhero Training Camp will include:

  • Coordination of event for teams with 8-10 players on each team
  • Professional Event Manager & MC to host the event
  • Professional staff to set/implement/strike and lead the event
  • All equipment, supplies and materials for 4-5 challenges, depending on space available and event length
  • Superhero decor
  • Sound system and music for Challenge areas
  • Prizes for all members of the winning team
  • Color coordinated team identification
  • All travel, delivery, set and strike expenses


Client/Hotel to provide:

  • Parking for event staff
  • Guest transportation to the event, if required
  • Power for the sound systems
  • Stage/Riser for event host
  • Draped and skirted 6 or 8 foot tables
  • Guest food and beverage as desired
  • Space for activity; including any facility/admission fees that may apply for participants and event staff



Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 2 to 3 hours
Space Required: Outdoor open space (beach or grassy area) or large indoor space