Commerical Success

Commercial Success

Gluing Eyeballs on Your Company!


It’s time for the Super Bowl once again, a game full of touchdowns, tackles… and Television Commercials. They’re shown on TV and watched over and over again on websites and YouTube. Capture fame and notoriety for your company during the only time when people have their eyes glued to the television for the commercial breaks!

You’ve got the Budweiser frogs, Pepsi’s Generation Next, Wendy’s “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” and the infamous EDS Herding Cats ad. But what does it really take to create 30 second masterpieces that cost millions to air? Now is your chance to find out! Equipped with video cameras, props and creativity, your teams will be challenged to come up with a commercial that rivals those shown in past Super Bowls.



Many participants get so caught up in the day-to-day challenges of their job that they have not had the opportunity or incentive to focus on your company’s core values and messages. Our Commercial Production experience takes participants outside of their usual realm and provides the chance to:

  • EXPERIENCE creative thinking tools they can use back in the workplace.
  • INTERNALIZE your message by teaching it to a viewing audience. Wise folks realize that we learn by teaching. Participants must find ways to relate your company to an audience in a meaningful manner.
  • LEARN a different mode of communication: video production. Most Americans enjoy the hoopla of the Super Bowl and viewing the ads during the game. This experience allows participants to loosen their self-perception and perception of others.
  • PERFORM proactively. We present the teams only with an end result, and they most proactively create the context and fulfill it.
  • BUILD a cohesive, project-focused team based on role delegation, consensus-building and careful attention to detail. The camaraderie-creating power of this shared, potentially humorous experience cannot be underestimated.
  • CREATE a sense of fun, urgency and excitement – a competition for bragging rights – and an energizing way to reinforce key concepts and their importance to the future of your company. It’s a proven memory-maker and team shaper your professionals will enjoy and recall fondly for years to come.



Split second timing and grab ‘em quick action is required to keep all eyes riveted for your million-dollar investment. The challenge: create a commercial worthy of the big game.

To begin the production, each film crew must assign tasks and fill the roles. A director, camera person, script writer, producer, actors and perhaps even some extras are needed to execute a successful piece. Then After landing on a concept, they’ll hunt for the perfect set, appropriate props, themed costumes, and supplies.



The clapstick slams shut, the director yells ‘action’, and then the fun really begins! Film crews have a designated amount of time to film, so must make wise use of their resources. They can use any location as a backdrop and setting for their video.

They may make a 30 or 60 second commercial, whatever it takes to make the best impact. Evoke tears, make us laugh, stir us to think – just be sure to be entertaining!



At the designated time, all film crews turn in their cameras and completed videos. After all the productions are wrapped up, the “ad-emy” will decide who is to receive top honors at the private screening.   Then, it’s time for the “Big Show.”



The highlight of the event is the premier screening of the commercials. Just wait until you see the hilarity and insights presented through your team’s videos. Team awards will be given in a variety of areas and may include “Most Creative Use of Props”, “Best Use of Special Effects”, “Most Humorous Piece”, “Most Convincing Commercial” or “Best Use of Extra’s”. Other awards will be presented to individuals, and may include, “Best Actor”, “Most Best Portrayal of a Product”, or “Best New Director”. The suspense and hilarity will keep the guests guessing as to who will win the big award, “Best Commercial”. You will never watch the Super Bowl the same way after experiencing this event.


The Commercial Success event will include:

  • Coordination of event for teams of 8-10 players per team
  • MC and Event professionals to oversee and coordinate the event
  • Supplies for each team including ‘Tips for Better Film Making Guidebook,” clapboard, timers, and video camera
  • Prop shop with costumes, props, make-up and other supplies
  • Oscar statuettes for each member of 2 different award winning teams and 2 individual awards
  • Clean up and compiling of videos for Awards Playback
  • All videos on a disc/thumb drive for your future use
  • Coordination with AV for presentations
  • All travel, delivery, set-up & strike expenses


Client/Hotel to Provide:

  • Space/room for opening, editing and closing including any entrance or facility fees that apply
  • Parking for event staff
  • AV to include:
  • One wireless lavaliere microphone with audio hook-up to sound system (for opening and closing)
  • LCD projector, screen, audio connection and cables for video playbacks
  • Skirted staging, if group size exceeds 100 people



  • Professional Actor and Actress for a true Academy style presentation
  • Props and décor for an Academy Awards party and playback



Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 1.5 to 3 hours
Space Required: Indoor space