A high energy event for maximum engagement!

Are you ready to engage your attendees in a new and different way? QUICKFIRE is a fun, competitive and challenging team event using a technology interface to guide the teams through the activity. With nearly 100 tasks spread over 3 difficulty levels, there is plenty to do.

In Quickfire, successful teams work effectively together to weigh up risk and reward. With time ticking, participants must speak up and let the rest of the team know what challenges they can confidently answer. Trust builds as challenges are completed successfully and individuals learn to appreciate each other’s different abilities.

Group challenges require teams to employ innovative thinking. They must utilize effective communication skills to arrive at a collective shared strategy and then jump into swift uninhibited action.

Quickfire is a lot of laughs! It leaves teams with a feeling of exhilaration and oneness! And most importantly, individuals have learnt to appreciate their own strengths and the diverse skills of others in their team.

Quickfire lends to a high-energy environment where every direction you look something exciting is happening! You’ll see one corner of the room juggling, while another is dragon-balling, while another is singing a custom team chant! There is never a dull moment when this event is in full-motion!

Click here to see Quickfire in action!

Quickfire Event Inclusions

  • Coordination of competition for teams of 10 players per team
  • 1 to 2 Hour Event
  • Costumed, professional recreation staff to coordinate and lead the event
  • iPad rentals for game directions and scoring
  • Patented technology to operate the game
  • All equipment and supplies
  • A WeTransfer at the end of the event of all pictures taken
  • Color coordinated team identification (armbands or bandannas)
  • Sound System and Microphone for tunes and instructions
  • Awards for each member of the winning team
  • Coordination, planning, preparation, and implementation of the event
  • All travel, delivery, set and strike

Client Provided Items

  • Space/room for all activities for participants and event staff, including any permits or facility fees
  • Parking for event staff
  • Projector and screen for displaying photos taken during event (if desired)
  • Skirted and draped six-foot tables
  • Stage/Riser for groups over 100
  • Large trash cans
  • Any guest food and beverage requirements

Additional Options

  • Fun, silly hats to use at Team ID. Each team would have their own Hat Style to enhance the game experience and add extra fun in the photos
  • Live Action Station Facilitated by a Game Host
  • Charity Give Back Project added to the event