Play Your Way

Play Your Way!


Get ready for action in this fast paced event that blends great networking opportunities with games of high competition, hit TV shows, frat house and tailgate parties! Your teams will compete in 60 second activities sure to test their nerves, wits and talents as they compete for the glory!




The premise behind this event is: Play! Anyway that makes you feel good. Whether you like mind play-way-1games, physical games, strategy games or just LOL games, there is a challenge for you. Jump in, earn points, have fun.


The Teams


  • Guest will be divided into super large teams with lot’s of players.
  • Teams will be identified with color coded bandannas.


The Event


  • Teams arrive to Rock Jock upbeat music playing.
  • Teams will arrive at the start of the games, look for their Team Sign, and gather to hear instructions.
  • Games open for Play.
  • Game rules will be shared at each game.
  • Teams do not have to stay
  • There will be multiple games to choose from, depending on space.
  • Cocktails and dinner can blended into the entire event.


Player Contracts


  • Each player will get a ‘contract’ that stipulates they must play in at least one game.
  • They execute their contract at one of the games by turning it in.
  • Executing the contract is worth points for their team.

The Scoring


  • Players join in a game and earn points/chips for their team at each game.
  • Teams will be given 10 chips for each player that participates in a game (as identified by them turning in their contract.)
  • Chips will be turned in at the scoring station, and collected in team marked containers.
  • Teams can easily see who is ahead at any moment.

The Games


We’ll introduce all game rules at the game, then give players 60 seconds to complete the challenge. Some games may require only 1 person, and some games may require 3-4 people. Everyone gets in on the action and competes in the games they think they have the best chance of winning.

Sample games might include:

  • Hoop It Up: Get 10 balls in the hoopplay-way-3
  • Tilt-A-Cup: Fill thirteen plastic cups with ping pong balls without tipping them over
  • Cornhole: Toss those bags into the holes in double time
  • Drop, Sink & Clink: Drop 3 quarters into 3 shot glasses that are at the bottoms of 3 fishbowls filled with water.
  • Noodle Javelins: Players toss funnoodles through hoops
  • Washers: The tailgate favorite!
  • Shuttlecock Challenge: Use the badminton racquet and get the birdie in the nest!
  • QB Challenge: Hike and pass miniature footballs to get them across the goal line
  • All That Hoopla: Teams roll hula hoops and attempt to have them fall over to circle targets
  • Ring Toss: Get all the rings of the right colors on the pegs
  • The Puzzler: Assemble a giant puzzle as fast as you can
  • Concentration: Memorize and match all the pictures
  • Beach Tennis: Two running players rally a ball back and forth using scuba flippers.
  • Stack-a-Cup: Stack and unstack giant plastic cups
  • Hockey Shoot-Out: Get the puck in the target
  • Connect Four: Giant game of matching up the colors in a pattern
  • Sticky Ball: Hit the ring with the most points and get it to stick

The games will be custom designed based on the wish list of equipment provided by the agency we are donating to.

The Finale


At the end of the games, the team with the highest earned amount will be declared the winner. They’ll go home with awards befitting the games – and tremendous bragging rights! And everyone will leave knowing their team mates a little better.

The Play Your Way event will include:


Game coordination for 4 teams with 25+ players on each Coordination of competition in 10-15 games, your choice (depending on space available)

  • Complete set up of game areas, including banners and decorations
  • Professional MC/Event Managers to supervise your event
  • Professional recreation leaders to implement games, score and referee
  • All equipment and supplies for the games
  • Printing of Player Contracts
  • Signage for each game area
  • Chips and scoring materials
  • Color coded team identification (bandannas)
  • DJ/Sound system to add upbeat music to the event
  • Awards for the winning team (Medals or Starbucks gift cards – on red/white/blue neckstraps)
  • Prizes for the winning team
  • All delivery, set and strike

NOTE: Cplay-way-5hanges in team size, number of teams, location, logistics or inclusions could result in a change in price. All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. In addition, a 5% rush surcharge may be added if the event contract is signed less than two weeks prior to the event.

Client to Provide:


  • Space/room for all activities including any admission or facility fees that may apply
  • Parking fees for all staff
  • Power hook-up for sound systems
  • Skirted and draped six or eight foot tables
  • Any guest food or beverage requirements
  • Cash donation to the charity (optional – if using the event as a CSR activity)



Turn this event into a community give-back event! We can work with a local agency to find out what their needs are, then create games and activities that use that equipment. In the end it is all donated to the organization. Priced on Request.