Pit Stop Challenge

Pit Stop Challenge

This masterfully crafted racing event will test your energy, skill and teamwork abilities.

Create the sense of excitement, competition, and team spirit found in the Wide World of Racing with your own team during the “Pit Stop Challenge!”  Part one of this event will demonstrate just how creative your group can be as they design and build the race car bodies.  Part two puts the entire team to the test as they race through the course completing challenges along the way. We will begin this spirited event with a warm-up to a racing tune to get the teams excited and ready to hit the streets!  With checkered flags waving in the breeze and music blasting, it’s sure to get their blood pumping.  

Part One ~ Car Design

Each team will receive copies of the Racing Program, which will include the overall racing compliance rules, a list of supplies available for designing the car bodies, and a racing schedule.  In our PVC Racing event, each team receives “kit” with PVC, tires, wheel rods, and assorted tools, and they must physically build their race car.

The teams will also be given a set amount of time and “money” for a trip to the supply depot, which will allow each team to “purchase” a wide array of design materials including cardboard and decorations.  Once their car is complete and ready for entry into the competition, each team must name their car and prepare a team cheer to introduce it prior to the race.  Once car introductions are complete, teams will head to “the pits” to give their cars a final inspection. 

Part Two – The Racing!

This event is truly auto racing at its best.  Teams hit the pavement in a road rally that will pit the crews and drivers against one another to circuit the course in the quickest time.  Drivers are challenged with many obstacles and the pit crews must remember that timing and strategies for pit stops are of the utmost importance for winning.  The teams that are able to circuit the course and complete their challenges will be titled our official “Pit Stop Challenge” winners.

The Pit Stop Challenge:

  • Encourages teams to stratergize wise use of resources
  • Encourages communication among team members
  • Keeps the entire group together for an exciting and motivating event