Personality Styles in the Age of Remote

Getting the best out of your diverse team starts with everyone understanding their own and others strengths and needs. This begins with an abbreviated personality test designed to build an accurate profile of each of your team members and what makes them tick.  An open dialogue ensues about what the results mean and how best to use your team’s new findings to elevate your team. During these interesting times when almost the entire workforce has been thrust, relatively unprepared, into remote working, this knowledge will be crucial to a team’s success.

Why Book This:

● Remote working is making teamwork and communication more complex, and understanding your teams preferences will make it easier

● Everyone loves to get more information about themselves

Standard Webinar Inclusions:

  •  Professional Event Manager to manage your experience
  • Instructions on how to join Zoom Meeting
  • 1 Hour Time Period
  • Tightly scripted education and tips
  • Abbreviated profile test validated in the DiSC methodology
  • Handouts for continued reference

Investment for Webinar:

Time:  30-60 Minutes

# Guests: 6 to 100

Space: Your remote workplaces

Client to Provide: 

  • Capability for all participants to join and access a Zoom Meeting at designated time (free)
  • Point of contact within company to liaison with our Event Manager
  • Email addresses for each participant to receive their Virtual supplies
    • OR Email address for main point of contact to disperse the Virtual supplies