“Nailed It” Cupcake Decorating Competition


“Ladies & Gentlemen, Start your Pastry Bags!” This is competitive decorating at its finest! 

We supply the ingredients; you supply the talent, enthusiasm and creativity. As your group arrives, they’ll colored aprons. Guests are assembled and given the briefing. It is a competition of creativity and resourcefulness. 

Cupcake Decorating

Guests will be given a secret “Nailed It” envelope which will give them the instructions on the type of cupcakes they are decorating, Samples:  Birthday, Wedding, Valentines, Sports Party, Holiday, Baby Shower, and Kids Party.  Their job is to decorate the cupcakes to the best of their ability

How it Works

Guests will find a provisions basket that includes the basics – utensils, knives, pastry bags, etc.  They will also receive Cake Cash – money to be used in the “pantry” to buy the specialty items and extra supplies to decorate: icing, food coloring, sprinkles, garnishes, etc.  These decorations will allow them to add flair and a certain zing to their cakes

The Finale

As your group has fun cutting, slicing, icing, mixing, designing, blending, and blinging their cupcakes, they’ll build relationships, share laughter, and get to know more about their each other.

Once all the decorating and challenges are done, the points are tallied.  Awards are given for Top Pastry Chef and Best Creative Overall Guest. The winners will not only be awarded with prizes, but with bragging rights as their cakes are served for dessert!

This is a fast paced and fun filled event that gets guests working and designing together.  It draws the line between who is the short order cook and who is the master baker.  Good luck and Bon Appetit!


Cupcake Decorating Event Inclusions

  • Coordination and design of a teambuilding oriented cooking competition teams of 10 people each
  • 1-2 hour event time
  • Professional MC to host the event
  • All equipment and tools for cake decorating (knives, decorating utensils, food prep items, pastry bags, etc.)
  • All food for the team provisions and the pantry
  • Assorted cupcakes for the guests
  • All equipment and supplies for all challenges
  • Sound system and microphone
  • Awards for (1) winning team
  • Costumed judges and referees to conduct the competition
  • Team Id (Aprons)
  • All delivery, set, strike and clean-up

Client Provided Items

  • Location/facility to perform event; including any facility/admission fees that apply for participants and event staff
  • Parking for event staff
  • Power for sound system
  • (1) Table per 10 guests for competition, (3) 6×30 tables for the pantry set-ups, and (3) 6×30’s for supplies and equipment
  • Guest beverages, as desired
  • Stage/Riser for groups over 100