Mystery Mingle

Mystery Mingle

Encourage guests to get to know one another in a light-hearted competition

The rumors of a murder are true!!  As one of the rich and famous, you’ve been invited to an incredible evening.  But just before you arrive, your hostess is murdered – and the killer may be planning to end the life of another.  Whatever the motive — greed, jealousy, or just plain nastiness — the killer must be identified and stopped before it’s too late! As attendees enter the room they will each receive a detective card each card will list suspects, potential murder weapons, and location of the murder.  The attendees will also find their clue hidden on the detective card.  Their task: mingle with their fellow attendees to solve the clues and figure out who is the murderer, what weapon was used, and where did the murder take place.

Could the killer actually be the innocent-looking Dr. Bluecoat, who was seen in the research lab with a catheter? Or did Mr. Money, constantly infuriated by wrongful entries in his books, follow his victim to the Game Room and assault her with a pencil?  And don’t forget the devilish ladies: Mrs. Flamingo may not be the sweet innocent lady that she pretends to be, and Miss DeDe Mizner, long lost descendant of the monkey crazed Addison Mizner, has often been compared to Glen Close’s character from the movie Fatal Attraction.

Whoever it is, we need YOU to attempt to solve this plot and clear yourselves of all wrongdoing.  Based on the board game Clue your guests will need to figure out Who Dunnit, with what Weapon, in which Location.  Narrow down which rumors are true and which are just hearsay–and get caught up in the scandal of the century!

As the evening winds down, it all becomes clear who ~ or does it?   At the end, Sheerluck returns to see who has gathered enough information to make an accusation.  Write it on your suspect sheet, and turn it in to SheerLuck.  We’ll give out some special awards for the investigators that were correctly able to piece together the info and solve the crime. So, prepare yourself for an event that reeks of only one thing…tongue-in-cheek, hilarious, interactive MURDER!!!!!