Mystery Mementos

Part Escape Room, part Clue – everyone knows something but can they put it together in time. This mystery activity allows participants to learn communication skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, and let loose. They may be working is separate locations, but through this activity they will feel bonded together.

How It Works:  Each player participating gets a set of supplies and clues to play their part in solving the mystery. After all the supplies are delivered to each participant, they choose a designated time to connect virtually and solve the mystery together. Compare pictures, clues, information, and create a bond together while working far apart. 

Standard Game Inclusions:

  •  Professional Event Manager to manage your experience
  • Instructions on how to join Zoom Meeting
  • Facilitation, instructions, and rules for game
  • 1 – 2 Hour Time Period
  • Tightly scripted mystery to be solved by remote participants
  • Your Logo added into the cover page of game instructions PDF

Additional Add-Ons for customization:

  • Completely custom mystery experience based upon your company or products (pricing available upon request)

Client to Provide: 

  • Capability for all participants to join and access a Zoom Meeting at designated time (free)
  • Designated time or time frame for participants to play
  • Point of contact within company to liaison with our Event Manager
  • Addresses for each participant to receive their supplies
    • OR address for main point of contact who will then disperse the supplies
  • Email addresses for each participant to receive their “100% Virtual” supplies
    • OR Email address for main point of contact to disperse the “100% Virtual” supplies