The Art & Science of Cocktails & Conversation

mixology 1 This is competition drink making at its finest! We supply the ingredients; you supply the talent, enthusiasm and creativity.
It’s the end of a productive day of learning, listening and thinking. Now it’s time to cut loose with Mixology ~ where you turn from ordinary business associate into one of the country’s hottest mixologists and conversationalists!


To Start

As your group arrives, they’ll be divided into teams with a bartender apron, color coordinated to identify the teams. Teams are assembled and given the briefing. It is a competition of creativity, resourcefulness and of course presentation.


Mix1Part One ~ Mixology Challenge

Turn from ordinary business associates into the country’s hottest mixologists and bartenders! Create your tastiest and most creative drink, using the base ingredient you’ve been assigned! Use your coins to purchase additional supplies at the ‘bar’.


Part Two ~ Decorating Challenge

Make your drink look exquisite! Simple, fancy, frilly, sophisticated – the choice is yours. Remember: looks are what sells drinks!


Part Three ~ Marketing Challenge

Create a name for your drink, and design a presentation board that will WOW customers and the judges.


mixology 5Part Four ~ The Conversation

Rumor has it that bartenders are masters of conversation, so now is the time to put their skills to use in a business setting. Each team will have to come up with their best opening to start a conversation at your next networking function.


The Finale

As your group has fun cutting, slicing, icing, mixing, designing, blending, and blinging their drinks, they’ll build relationships, get some useful networking tips, share laughter, and get to know more about their team mates.

Once all the competitors are done shaking, stirring and blending to a supremely first class level, the judges take over and the points are tallied. Awards are given for Top New Drink, but of course bragging rights and the ability to wow their friends at home with a new concoction are much more revered!

So whether you’re a pro bartender who has a special touch with the bubbly, or more of an Irishman with a fondness for the whiskey, get to work and take a chance on having your drink be the toast of the town!


Your Mixology Event includes:

  • Coordination and design of a teambuilding oriented cocktail competition for teams of 8-10 players each
  • Professional MC to host the event
  • DJ and/or sound system to play upbeat music throughout the event
  • Professional event staff to host the competition
  • Color coded team identification (bartender aprons)
  • All equipment and supplies, including knives, drink mixing supplies, blenders, shakers, prep items, cutting boards, etc.
  • All non-food decorative items for the bar
  • All equipment and supplies for the marketing challenge
  • Rule sheets for all teams
  • Awards for all members of the winning team
  • All Travel, Delivery, Set and Strike expenses

Note: All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. In addition, a 5% rush surcharge will be added if the event contract is signed less than two weeks prior to the event.


Client/Hotel to provide:

  • Location/facility to perform event; including any facility/admission fees that apply for participants and event staff
  • Parking for event staff
  • Power for sound system
  • All drink & food supplies for the event, including 1 full bottle of liquor per team, ‘airplane bottles’ of assorted liquors (5-10 per team), garnishes, juices, fruit, etc.
  • Tables for each team, and for liquor cabinet/supplies
  • Small stage for groups over 100
  • Guest food and beverage, as desired


Event Details

Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 1 to 1.5 hours
Space Required: Indoor or outdoor space