Mind Crack for Aspiring Spies

Mind Crack for Aspiring Spies

Do you have the eagle eyes and finely honed skills necessary to be the next 007?  If so….the world needs you!   

This event combines the underworld life of a secret agent with the thrill of an Escape Room.  Under time and deadline pressures, agents must use their collective talents to solve the challenges and determine what they have to do to win.  Throughout the event, they’ll be tested to determine the degree of your suitability as a prospective secret agent.

Here are the traits you’ll need to display:

  • Get gutsy. Can you handle the pressure?
  • Get smart. After all, knowledge is power.
  • Get creative. A simple mindfulness of thinking outside the box is your first step to becoming a spy.
  • Act resourceful. Your environment is being manipulated…figure it out.
  • Stay alert. Learn to think on your feet and be curious and observant.

Hmmm…sounds a bit like what it takes to be successful at work…

How It Works

The object for the first part of the hunt is to visit every clue location, and solve the clue presented.   Every clue will have one correct answer, and the answers will all relate in some way; for example, they may all be numbers.  During the first clue-solving portion, teams must stratergize on when and how to share information with other teams.  Will they form alliances to share answers?  Will they display a “We Are One” attitude, or will they hoard their information?  Only time will tell, but the truth remains – they must have all the solutions correct or they cannot win!

After the teams have had a blast combing the area ~ combining brain power with teamwork and creativity ~ and completing this series of clues, teams are instructed to regroup at a set time – for the second part of the event – the grand finale!  There, they will receive one final piece of information.   When they figure out this new detail and how it can be used in conjunction with the other clues, the teams will discover the one last action they will have to perform.  In a live action finish in front of the entire group, the first team to do it, wins!

It ain’t called MindCrack for nothing!  Those willing to work together and display the traits of a superior Agent are sure to reap the rewards.

Your application has impressed intelligence’s top brass.  You will be tested to see if you have what it takes to join the elite!