Meditainment is the most effective way to clear your mind, promote emotional health, lengthen attention spans and control anxiety.  

Headspace: How the meditation app turns your stressful phone into ...

You’ll get three different meditations, 20 minutes each,

to join as many times as you wish.  Also includes questions and activities to get a pulse on how your team is doing.  You can do this as a group, or as an individual

Why Book:

● Energize and de-stress your team

● Boost productivity with a healthier team


  • Three (3) downloadable Meditation journeys (each 20 minutes in length) that will be available for 3 weeks per session
  • Questions and photos for feedback and insights

Time:  20-60 Minutes per session

# Guests: 1 to 6000

Space: Your remote work place

Client to Provide:

  • Android or IOS tablet for each person to access the videos
  • Point of contact within company to liaison with our Event Manager