Insights Through Collaborative Doodling

The purpose of this event is to stir a conversation, a brainstorming or an emotional release with your team.   You choose the theme or topic of conversation, and while your team shares ideas, thoughts and solutions around that topic they also create a collaborative doodle inspired by their ideas.  The truth is:

● Doodling Helps You Concentrate. …

● Doodling Can Help Spur Creative Insight. …

● Doodling Can Help Process Emotions. …

● Doodling Alleviates Stress. …

● Doodling Helps Big-Picture Thinking…

They’ll have time together virtually to brainstorm, imagine, and bounce suggestions around, all the while creating their piece of the bigger picture. In the end, all the doodles come together to showcase the inspirations. 

Why Book This:

● The topic of this event can be as lighthearted as “what I’m doing to remain sane today” or as serious as “what does the future hold for our company.”

● It’s a great break from everyday work that could lead to revolutionary new ideas

● You end up with a gorgeous piece of art reflecting the ideas and solutions your team comes up with


  • Professional facilitator/host to frame up the experience, give a ‘lesson’ on creative doodling, and keep conversation lively and on target
  • Doodling Kit for each participant, to create a permanent piece of art
  • Shipping of kits to the homes of your associates
  • Photo mural of all collaborative doodles created by your team, for sharing and framing

Investment for activity:

Time:  30 – 60 Minutes

# Guests: Min of 5, up to 500+

Client to Provide: 

  • Point of contact within company to liaison with our Event Manager
  • Email addresses for each participant (or) point of contact to disperse the event information sheets
  • (1) Computer or mobile device for each participant capable of accessing Zoom Meetings

Restrictions: Subject to availability of kit materials and shipping slow-downs.