Innoventions of the Millennium


A Shark’s Tank Simulation

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.”
Charles H. Duell – Director, U.S. Patent Office, 1899

innoventions 1The quote sounded silly even then, but today your teams have a chance to truly prove him wrong! This event is structured to encourage networking, camaraderie and creative ‘outbursts’ that will ignite your team.

The program is developed to play off the hit TV show, turning your guests into imaginative inventors to come up with the next hit product to present to the Sharks. Through this event, teams will experience some practical, hands-on tools to help build crucial creative thinking patterns.

In this event – the embodiment of the ultimate American dream – each table will become a Research and Development team and must create a product to submit to the Sharks for potential investment. But before they begin, we’ll introduce a tool known as disruptive thinking. Using this tool, guests identify potential holes in the marketplace and places where there is room for something new.

Then they’ll create the product and prepare to present to the Sharks. Whether practical or zany, design specifications must be completed and the product’s name, purpose and target audience identified. Creativity, resourcefulness and forward thinking emerge within the teams as they create a prototype, prepare a presentation and visualize their invention sweeping the world.

innoventions 2From the wacky to the heartwarming, the products the teams create are sure to improve the world. The esteemed panel of Sharks (our team or yours) will decide who deserves to be awarded the funding to move forward with their invention. The tension mounts as these marketing presentations are made. What will their product be? What service or process will it revolutionize?

After all presentations are made, the Sharks will present the winning inventors with an IPO (Innovative Prize Offering!), and some special awards will be distributed too. Along with the fun, your group is sure to learn a few secrets to the creative process that will enable them to be more imaginative back in the office. We’ll highlight some of the key ingredients of today’s program (fun, rule-breaking, disruptive thinking, creative boundary breaking, etc.) to illustrate that the tools we used to play today are interchangeable and dynamic when used in the workplace.


The Innoventions Event will include:

  • Preparation of the event for teams of 8-10 guests per team
  • A Master of Ceremonies/Event Manager to facilitate and host the event
  • All supplies & materials needed to build prototypes of the products
  • Facilitators / event staff to operate the event and act as “Investors” and judges of the competition, if needed
  • Sound system, microphone and upbeat music
  • Prizes for the top team
  • Color coded team ID ( armbands or bandannas)
  • All planning and implementation of the event
  • All travel, delivery, set & strike expenses


Client/Hotel to Provide:

  • Space/room for opening and closing, including any facility fees for that venue
  • Parking for event staff
  • Power for the DJ/Sound system (1 standard 110 wall outlet)
  • Small riser / stage
  • Banquet tables, draped and skirted
  • Guest transportation to the event site, if required


Event Details:

Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 1 to 3 hours
Space Required: Indoor space