In the Zone

In The Zone


Img1Step right up sports fans, it’s time to get in the zone – the sports zone that is! This ultimate sports challenge tests skills and dexterity on the field! Olympians and couch potatoes alike get into this not-too-athletic but highly competitive event.


The group will be divided into teams, and given color coded bandannas for team identification. Captains will be chosen for each team, and celebrated in a most appropriate style!

All teams will compete in all events. Scoring will be done at each individual event and points will be accImg2umulated throughout the games. Teams can also score bonus points by displaying unusual zeal, energy, excitement and team spirit for their team by way of excessive clapping, loudly cheering (even when losing) and proclaiming their team cheer in booming voices. Teams will all re-group at the end of the event for the closing awards ceremony.

Opening Ceremonies

The celebration will begin with a team welcome, set to music as the teams enter the playing area. After all the teams have arrived, we’ll introduce the Commissioner of the Celebration (group VIP) to make a few remarks to the assembled athletes. The excitement grows as we then present our warm-up team to lead the group in a pre-competition stretch.

At this point, each team will have their captain assist in starting the action with those famous words . . . “Let the games begin.” Teams will march to their first event as the Olympic fanfare plays in the background.

The Games

We’ve taken skills and drills from some of today’s most popular sports and turned them into relays, contests and games sure to test both your athletic and team abilities. Some events require skill ~ all events require teamwork, enthusiasm and laugh-ability.

Your event will consist of 4 to 5 games ~ your choice from the list below.


Get ready for some serve, set, spike. You don’t need to be Gabrielle Reece to have a ball with your colleagues. Winning isn’t everything in this fast paced tournament where the points really add up.

Crosscourt Volleyball
In this game, four teams play volleyball on a court made up of four nets! Play begins with TWO balls in motion, and points are scored in reverse!

It’s the favorite playground game of RECESS! How quick can you maneuver and dodge? Is your throwing arm in shape? The team with the most players left when the whistle blows wins!

Img4Tryke Races

These “oversized” tricycles are meant for adult riders to just go silly! Race around the course and compete in wacky obstacles.

Hike and Pass
Everyone is the QB & the receiver in a game where everyone must hike and pass the footballs ~ at warp speed ~ to get as many catches as they can.

Basketball Quickshot
This is a “Shoot against the Clock” drill. One basket per team, spots that the team must shoot from, rebounders and shooters. When the whistle blows, it’s a last minute toss up for the final points!

Img5In a Pickle

Ever been caught between the bases, with the fielding team playing pickle with you? This wacky version of that scenario is sure to make for tons of laughs as you scramble between bases trying to outwit and outscore the opposing team.

Tennis Quickshot
How is your serve? How ‘bout that return? In this fast-paced game, the object is to hit the tennis ball into specific sections of the court to earn points.

Golf Maniacs
This most proper sport has turned into a fast-paced duffers delight! You’ll be competing in a quick-chipping round where you’ll try to sink a hole in one into unusual objects such as a hula hoop, sand bucket or colander.

Not Quite Javelin Throw
Played just like the real thing, only teams do their best to run and toss the foam-javelins. A longest throw earns points, as does the most accurate.

Our version of a popular beach game meets racquetball! Get ready with those water ball whackers as you make a real splash while trying to volley as many water balls as possible.

Lawn-Obstacle Course
This fun relay combines the best of popular lawn games into a race-for-speed obstacle course! Tap the birdie into the basket, croquet around the obstacles, get a ringer with the horseshoe and do a front/back three legged race ~ in the quickest time ~ to earn the big points.

Hoops & Hoopla!
Basketball has never been so fun – or messy! Each team tries to sink their mini b-balls (alias: cheese balls) into their basket while the competition tries to defend the goal with quick moves and sticky heads.

The Finale

Now it’s time to see which team was truly “In the Zone”! After the games are completed and the points are added up, it’s time to present the awards. As their team is called, the winners come to the stage to be rewarded for their skill and teamwork! The awards, on red/white/blue neckstraps, are not only a visible symbol of their winning, but condone upon them bragging rights for the remainder of their time together!

The “In the Zone” event will include:

  • Event design for teams of 10 players each
  • All planning, coordination, preparation and organization of the event
  • All equipment and supplies to host up to five (5) of the listed activities
  • Uniformed, professionally trained staff to coordinate and referee the games
  • Color-coded team identification (armbands or bandannas)
  • Awards for the first place team members
  • Banners, lane lines and decor for activity area
  • Sound system, microphone & music for the activity
  • All delivery, set-up, implementation, strike and clean-up of playing areas

Note: Any changes in event design, number of teams, number of players, game inclusions, etc. may result in a change in the investment cost. All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. In addition, a 5% rush surcharge may be added if the event contract is signed less than two weeks prior to the event.

Client/Hotel to Provide:

  • Space/room for all activities including any permitting or facility/admission fees that apply for participants and event staff
  • Parking for event staff
  • Power/hook-up for sound systems
  • Skirted and draped tables for activity areas as needed
  • All guest food and beverage requirements
  • Lighting of playing areas if necessary
  • Guest transportation to the event, if required


Event Details:

Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 1 to 3 hours
Space Required: Indoor or outdoor, open space