Improv for Impact

Improv for Impact

It’s a show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter – but the laughter does!

One part “Who’s Line Is It’, mixed with a dash of communication skills, and a sprinkle of theatre improv, this show pits your teams of actors against each other in a battle to be the funniest, most creative and dynamic in a series of outrageous scenes.  Produced is something smart, funny, and highly original, and can be customized with humor about your business that will keep the audience in stitches.

The action begins with a fast-paced skit designed to show the razor sharp wit of the actors.  Laughter seeps in and a light-heartedness takes over the audience.

It is then, they are ready to learn some improv of their own.  Using games they may have seen on TV, guests become participants and get an insider’s look at how the stories and skits come together.

This off-the-wall, laugh-out-loud comedy workshop will encourage your group to laugh and have fun, while also teaching them valuable business skills such as listening and communication, creative thinking, recognition, and more!  No other program gives you quite a combination of learning and laughter!

Our show host sets the stage for fun by beginning with an energetic and hilarious way of teaching the art of improv to the audience. They’ll participate in games like “Know it All”, where three people become ‘one’ and must answer questions from the audience one word a time.  To teach the art of listening, they’ll play “Talk Without I”, where two people must carry on a conversation and never use the word “I’ or ‘me’.   Some of the exercises will be on stage, while others are performed in the audience.  At the end of the participation time, your guests will be wowed at what they learned, and be truly appreciative of the talent they’ll get to witness on stage…  And maybe even discover a new-found calling!

BUT WAIT, that’s not all! This event has been custom designed to benefit Hilarity for Charity® (HFC): a movement led by Seth Rogen to inspire change and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. In 2012, Seth (along with some amazing friends), created Hilarity for Charity Fund as part of the Alzheimer’s Association, where the money raised is directed to help families struggling with Alzheimer’s care, increase support groups nationwide, and fund cutting edge research. Since its inception, Hilarity for Charity has raised more than $6.5 million to support these efforts.

Before the curtain is closed,  your groups total “Laughs” will be calculated and we will present on stage a giant check denoting your company’s donation to the Hilarity for Charity Fund! Teams will not only leave feeling lighter from laughs, but also feel grateful they were a part of something that will have a true IMPACT for families struggling with Alzheimer’s care.