Happy Hour Cook-Off

Happy Hour Cook-Off Experience


happy hour 1 The Chef’s whistle blows . . . the long awaited “Let the Competition Begin!” is heard . . . the fun begins. This is competition cooking at it’s finest! We supply the ingredients; you supply the talent, enthusiasm and creativity.

If your event leads into dinner time, how appropriate that your teams prepare the Happy Hour feast! As the budding chefs arrive, they are divided up by teams and given colored aprons. Teams are assembled and given the briefing. This event is much more than preparing the most delectable dish. It is a competition of creativity, resourcefulness and of course presentation. Planning ahead, dividing up responsibilities and coming to consensus are key traits needed to even finish the competition on time!


Top Chef Appetizer Challenge

HappyHour1Teams are given the task of preparing a delectable appetizer – either a salsa, a chutney or a dip. Just like on Iron Chef, each team will get a secret main ingredient that they must include in their dish. For suspense and fun, we’ll have a secret box, and each team will reach in and grab their secret ingredient. In addition, there is a “pantry” where teams can shop for a number of vegetables, bases, spices and specialty items that allow our chefs to add flair and a certain zing to their preparations.


Quickfire Challenge

HappyHour2While the appetizers are being assembled, teams will also participate in some fast paced, culinary-curious challenges. Examples might include a taste test, naming a food related tune, or even hand-carving a piece of produce to create a taste-tempting centerpiece.


Margarita Challenge

Turn from ordinary business associate into one of the country’s hottest mixologists and bartenders! Whether you’re a pro bartender who has a special touch or just a rookie who loves the taste of tequila, get to work and take a chance on having your drink be the toast of the town!


happy hour 4Branding

Lastly, just before our celebrity judge tastes the morsels… the teams are required to create a name for their appetizer & drink, and design a logo for their new brand ~ just in case it’s good enough to hit the grocery store shelves!


Once all the prepping and tasting is done, the judges (your group!) vote on their favorites. Points are tallied and awards are given out. But of course it’s the bragging rights everyone is playing for!

As your group has fun slicing, dicing, mixing, blending, shaking and in general, playing with their food, they’ll build relationships, share laughter, and get to know more about their team mates.

Good Luck and Cheers!


The Happy Hour Cook-Off Experience will include:

  •  Coordination and design of a teambuilding oriented cooking competition for teams of 10 players each
  • One to two hour event time
  • Professional MC to host the event
  • All equipment and tools for the Appetizers (bowls, cutting boards, knives, etc.)
  • All equipment and tools for Margarita making (glasses, shakers, cutting boards, etc)
  • All equipment and supplies for all Quickfire Challenges and the Branding competition
  • Souvenir fabric aprons (Custom imprinting available for an additional charge)
  • Disposable chef hats for the team Captains
  • DJ and/or sound system with microphone for spirited music and announcements
  • Awards in 2 fun categories
  • Costumed judges and referees to conduct the competition
  • All delivery, set, strike and clean-up


Client/Hotel to provide:

  • Location/facility to perform event; including any facility/admission fees that apply for participants and event staff
  • Parking for event staff
  • Power for sound system
  • All Food and Beverage ingredients for the competition (we can provide this with permission from the hotel/restaurant)
  • Tables for the competition and the pantry set-ups
  • Glassware & serving pieces
  • Guest beverages, as desired


Event Details

Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 1 to 2 hours
Space Required: Indoor or outdoor space that can hold tables