Go Team: A Techno-Amazing Race

Go Team!

The Techno-Amazing Race


go team 1Utilizing the latest in wireless advances, and building on people’s intrinsic need for adventure and interaction, The Race puts your associates in the heart of an immersive reality based game! It’s a combination of Cranium, YouTube, Mission: Impossible, and The Amazing Race – all shook up and rolled out on the streets.

The Race is … we’ll say it … the MOST fun you can have with an Ipad! The game “board” is the zany venues of the downtown area or a theme park, your teams are the “pieces” and there is no rulebook!


Here’s how it works:go team 2

  • Grab your web-enabled Ipad (we provide) and log into the game with all the directions, locations, and feedback.
  • Devise a strategy. Do the tasks worth the most points first? The closest ones? The most fun ones? It’s up to you
  • Compete in the challenges & “missions” in the most ingenious, daring, and creative fashion imaginable.

Updates, feedback and scores are kept in real-time as teams race through their Go Team experience. Back at home base, each team is monitored and can receive bonus missions at key points in their adventure.


Sample challenges your teams will enjoy the thrill of:go team 3

  • Shooting giant super soaker water guns to fill up buckets
  • Playing “Match Me If You Can”, a game designed to showcase your company information or reflect on pop culture
  • Stopping at a bar to taste test a specialty drink and name the ingredients
  • Stacking Giant Jenga blocks as tall as you can
  • Performing a flash dance, Gangnum style, for people on the street
  • Competing in a Fear Factor Grab Bag
  • Playing a tune in an iBand
  • Pitching hundreds of pennies into a fountain for good luck
  • Beer tasting to match the flavors with the brands
  • Racing scooters through an obstacle course
  • Creating a team mascot
  • Identifying the flavors of jelly beans (watch out for the grass!)
  • Guzzling a milkshake as fast as you can
  • Competing to set a race world record ~ in a hike and pass clash

Missions are more brainiac and imaginative, and may consist of puzzles, photos, trivia and videos. Missions require the teams to think creatively or keep their eyes wide open to spot the specified item.


go team 4Sample Missions might include:

  • Solving puzzles such as “26 = L of the A”
  • Re-mastering a product and creating an infomercial for it
  • Capturing a photo of your team doing something to write home about
  • Build a paper airplane that can fly the length of two of your teammates laying across the ground. Take a short video of the challenge being a success!
  • Recreate a scene from a famous movie using only your fingers
  • Write a rap song in honor of a hotel employee (bellman, lifeguard, CSM, whatever!) Then perform it for them!
  • Let’s do the time warp!!! Record your team dancing the Time Warp
  • Make a minimum of 15 second video highlighting, demonstrating, or explaining one of your company’s values

At the end, the winning teams are awarded with prizes. And of course ~ bragging rights for the remainder of the conference!


Your event includes:

  • Event design for teams of 8-10 players each
  • A tightly scripted adventure consisting of a diverse range of customized challenges and missions
  • Professional MC and Facilitators to operate and host the game/challenge stations
  • IPad rentals for race directions and scoring
  • Patented technology to operate the race
  • Planted clues and props
  • All equipment and supplies for all challenges
  • Drinks at one location
  • Prizes for all members the first place team
  • Color coded Team Identification (Bandannas or armbands)
  • All travel, delivery, set & strike expenses

Note: All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. In addition, a 5% rush surcharge may be added for any event contract signed less than two weeks prior to the event.


Client/Hotel to Provide:

  • Location at the venue / hotel to kick off and end the event
  • Round trip transportation for the guests to/from the hotel and the event location
  • Microphone/sound system with audio hook-up at opening and closing of event
  • All guest food and beverage requirements
  • Parking for event staff


Event Details:

Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 2 to 3 hours
Space Required: Indoor space for kick-off, large urban outdoor space or large resort