Go Play

GoPlay is a fast-paced hilarious digital game designed for you to share with your customers or your employees to take home and play with their family. As everyone struggles with so much ‘together time’, GoPlay provides a creative outlet for fun.

GoPlay is a game designed toFamily Sharing – Apple Support help Moms & Dads engage with their family in a wholesome, smart, fun and hilarious game.   Played on a tablet or smartphone, the game provides a week of fun for families confined to their homes and each other, while at the same time allowing them to connect with their friends in an online rivalry. Some of the challenges bring the whole family together, while others get the kids out of Mom’s hair so she can get some work done. The entire game provides a fun way to brand your company while providing fun for the whole family.

GoPlay can embed you in the hearts of your community and their families in a number of ways.

  • Sponsor a consumer/public game.  Brand the game and invite everyone in your community, geographic area or the country to play.
  • Give the game as a “we’re thinking of you” gift to customers, to stay relevant and meaningful
  • Host the game for all your employees as a thank you and to stay in touch and share some fun

Let’s chat to design a custom program for you

Standard Game Inclusions:See the source image

  •  Professional Event Manager to manage your experience
  • Instructions on how to download app, activity, and playing
  • One week “open play time”
  • Interactive challenges to complete with your family that can be done remotely 
  • Your Logo added into the cover page of game

Additional Add-Ons for customization:

  • Custom challenges built around your business or goals
  • Complete branding with your logo of all existing challenges
  • Complete custom game (pricing available upon request)

Client to Provide: 

  • 3G/4G OR Wifi enabled smartphone or tablet for each player
  • Designated time or time frame for participants to play
  • Point of contact within company to liaison with our Event Manager