Get the Point™ Gameshow

Get the Point!™

“Generate enthusiasm, build team spirit and have fun with this unique team game show!”

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This game keeps the excitement at a fever pitch for the entire event — because, at any moment, EVERYONE is the next contestant.

The Get the Point™ game show…

  • Encourages maximum participation and involvement from a wide variety of players
  • Is designed to be an interactive and experiential event, rather than just pure entertainment
  • Provides a unique and memorable way to disseminate current information about the company in a fun manner
  • Is a friendly and spirited team competition sure to create new relationships

Music is cranking on the speakers as the guests are welcomed into the room. Each member of the audience is invited to sit at a table, which will become their team for the game. There are several ways to divide the group into teams:

  • You can pre-assign individuals to a team, to divide them into random groups that truly mix them up from their normal cliques
  • We can randomly assign them to teams as they enter the room
  • You can divide them by work group or department, for some friendly rivalry
  • Guests are invited to sit wherever they like

Get the Point™ gets under way as teams scream and cheer and the music crescendos for our Game Show Host. As the MC is welcomed to the stage, a quick spirit contest of “who’s gonna win” gets the teams excited and ready to begin the game show.

Our host will explain how the game will be played. The game will consist of all kinds of challenges – mental, physical, creative and just plain unusual. Some will be individual challenges and happen on stage, while others will be team challenges that happen at different locations throughout the room. All will add points to the winning teams’ score.

The Get the Point™ challenges will vary, to keep energy levels high and allow maximum participation levels from the entire team. As contestants win their challenges, they earn points. Sample challenges might include:

  • Fact or Fiction – Teams must distill truth from lies in this crazy game.
  • I Never – Hilarious revelations as you discover more about your group in this old college favorite.
  • High Or Low – Can you predict whether the card the MC flips will be higher or lower than the last?
  • Statistics – MC reads out a statement such as “According to Mars Corp the number one candy bar in America is…” Can you match that stat?
  • get the point 2Mystery Photos – Teams must identify what the object is in the mystery photo flashed up on the screen.
  • Name that Tune – How well do you know your music?
  • Team Match: Match your answers to the rest of the team for the big points.
  • Commonalities: Each team must identify as many things as they possibly can that everyone on their team has in common
  • Blankety Blank: Fill in the blank of our hilarious statements to get a match.
  • Play with your Food: Sculpt marshmallows into creative perfection!
  • Card Stack: Build the highest tower of cards.
  • Dancing: You’ll never see the “YMCA” “the Chicken Dance”, or the “Macerena” the same again! A hysterically fun game.
  • Paper Airplane: Fold that airplane and hit the target for the points.
  • Pocket Scavenger Hunt: Let’s Make a Deal style game where teams search for unusual and random items.
  • ABC puzzles: Teams must work together to solve puzzles such as “18 = H. on a G. C.” A true team game. (BTW ~ 18 = Holes on a Golf Course)

* Challenges can be designed to fit your meeting objectives, location, time frame, and team objectives.

At the end of the show, the team with the most points will get bragging rights for the remainder of the meeting, and take home the coveted “Get the Point” awards. This high-energy event will not only create excitement and fun, it will build teamwork while enabling your guests to Get the Point™.


Your event includes:

  • Game show design for teams of 8 to 10 people each
  • One to two hour Game time
  • A Professional show host to act as Master of Ceremonies
  • A DJ and/or sound system with microphone for music and sound effects
  • All equipment and supplies for the challenges
  • Customization of questions and challenges to reflect company information (optional)
  • Event staff to assist with delivering the game show
  • Awards for the winning team
  • Color coded team bandannas and table designations
  • Set-up, strike and delivery of the event
  • All travel expenses


Client to provide:

  • Assistance with custom information to be included in the game show and challenges, if desired
  • Space / room for the event, including any facility fees
  • Parking for event staff
  • Audio Visual services to include:
  • Any venue charges levied by the host facility for rigging and electrical requirements, including power hook up for DJ or sound system
  • LCD Projector and screens for visual games (optional)
  • Three 6-foot skirted tables for sound system and equipment
  • One skirted stage/riser (approximately 20ftx10ft) with steps, for groups over 100 people
  • Pipe and drape backdrop for the stage, if desired
  • Guest food and beverage, as desired


Event Details:

Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 1 to 2 hours
Space Required: Indoor space