Game Night

Game Night!

Generate enthusiasm, build team spirit and have fun with this unique game show. This game game-night-1keeps the excitement at a fever pitch for the entire event — because, at any moment, EVERYONE is the next contestant.

The Game Night game show:

  • Encourages maximum participation and involvement from a wide variety of players
  • Is designed to be an interactive and experiential event, rather than just pure entertainment
  • Provides a unique and memorable way to disseminate current information about the company in a fun manner (if desired)
  • Is a friendly and spirited team competition sure to create new relationships

Music is cranking on the speakers as the guests are welcomed into the room. Each member of the audience is invited to sit wherever they like.

game-night-2Game Night gets under way as contestants scream and cheer and the music crescendos for our Game Show Host. As the MC is welcomed to the stage, a quick spirit contest of “who’s gonna win” gets the contestants excited and ready to begin the game show.

Our host will explain how the game will be played. The game will consist of all kinds of challenges – mental, physical, creative and just plain unusual. We will take some of the best games from Minute to Win It and Hollywood Game Night and bring them to your guests. Contestants will be chosen to come up on stage in fun and random ways. Below are some examples of how constants will be chosen for each round:

  • The first 5 constants to volunteer
  • Anyone wearing a blue colored shirt
  • Contestants wearing glasses
  • Anyone that will stand up and do the Macarena for the crowd
  • Contestants with a number 5 under their chair

The Game Night challenges will vary, to keep energy levels high and allow maximum participation levels from the entire group. Sample challenges might include:

  • Marquee Mayhem: A theater marquee is shown. On that marquee is a mixed-up movie title game-night-3consisting of one word from three real movies featuring the same actor. The first player to buzz-in and identify the actor gets a point.
  • Oh La La Tunes! – Teams have 90 seconds to guess as many songs as possible only using the word “La”. Once a teammate guesses a song, they jump up as the next performer!
  • Movie Title Madness: The team in control is given four big blocks (one for each team member). Each one is branded with words that are parts of movie titles. The host gives a clue to a movie titles, then the team has to turn their blocks over to show the correct words and then rearrange themselves to make the title correct. They have 90 seconds. Two points for each correct title with a five point bonus awarded to the team who gets all six faster than the other.
  • Billy! The TV is fuzzy again! Teams are shown stills from TV Shows, only the actors and actresses faces are blurred out. The first team to buzz in with the correct guess scores points. If they give a wrong answer, their opponent can make a guess.
  • Piece Out: Players are shown a piece from a classic board game, ring in, guess the piece correctly and get a point, if they give a wrong answer their opponent can make a guess.
  • I’m with the Band: Players are shown close-up pictures of famous bands. The first player to buzz-in and identify the band or singer scores a point!

Challenges can be designed to fit your meeting objectives, location, time frame, and team objectives.

At the end of the show, all guests will leave laughing with their colleagues.

Your event includes:

  • Game show design and implementation
  • A Professional show host to act as Master of Ceremonies
  • All equipment and supplies for the challenges, including buzzers
  • Staff to assist with delivering the game show
  • DJ with sound system and microphone
  • Pipe & Drape for behind the stage
  • Awards for the winners
  • All travel, set-up, strike and delivery of the event

NOTE: This price reflects a cash discount of 4%. Should you wish to pay with a credit card the 4% will be added to your final invoice. All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. An additional 5% surcharge may be added if the event is booked with less than 2 weeks notice.

Client to provide:

  • Space / room for the event, including any facility fees
  • Parking for event staff
  • Audio Visual services to include:
    • Sound System with a minimum of (3) Microphones
    • Any venue charges levied by the host facility for rigging and electrical requirements, including power hook up for sound system
    • Projector and Screen with computer hookup
  • Seating for attendees
  • Skirted tables as needed for equipment and supplies
  • One skirted stage (approximately 30ftx20ft) with steps
    • (4) 6×18 Classroom tables on stage
    • (10) Chairs on stage
    • Power outlet with connection to audio in back-center stage for buzzer
  • Guest food and beverage, as desired