Funky Furniture

Funky Furniture

A fun way to give a meaningful donation to charity!

Every community has a women’s and children’s shelter or a local Habitat for Humanity in desperate need of furniture and household items for families attempting to get back on their feet.  In this fun event, we combine Design on a Dime with Extreme Home Makeover as your group assembles, disassembles, rearranges, refinishes and decorates a wide variety of furniture and home goods to be donated post-event. These facilities are always in need of new, upbeat, and serviceable home furniture and accessories, both for use in the centers and for the women to take with them as they transition to their new lives.  Get ready for Meaningful Makeovers!

Your group arrives to a ‘workshop’ filled with all kinds of tools and assorted furniture and accessories.  Bookends, umbrella stands, bulletin boards, mirrors, coat racks, picture frames, tables, and chairs, all in assorted degrees of completeness, greet them.  From raw, unfinished pieces to old antiques rescued from the junk yard, there is work galore to be done to turn them into usable household furniture.

The group will be divided into work teams and given color-coded team bandannas. Then they’ll come up with a project team name.  Each team also receives play “money” to be used at the supply depot to purchase: materials to assemble, repair and/or build furniture, Tools, paints, stencils and decorations OR Expert design advice on how to best accomplish their task.

They work together to construct their pieces, and then the creative team takes action. Paints, stencils, stain, fabric, glue guns and other decorations turn the unfinished and hand-me-down furniture into works of art that anyone would love to have in their home!

As the furniture is completed, teams clean up and regroup for the grand finale – the presentation of their handiwork to the actual charities.  Representatives and guests from the local shelter or habitat will be invited to speak and share their stories.  These poignant, touching and often tear-jerking testimonials will show your group how their creations create an emotional bond with the recipients and the charity they are helping.  The feel-good is overwhelming and indescribable as their thoughtfulness is felt throughout the community.