Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap


bridge 4An age-old challenge to the genius of man and engineering science! Today your teams will tackle and answer the question – can we bridge the gap between our team mates while at the same time building a bridge to carry one of our team mates!

The event wraps the hilarity of Bob the Builder, the technical genius of Joseph B. Strauss (designer of the Golden Gate Bridge), and the creative ingenuity of Thomas Edison all into one hysterical event. Whether you have a generation gap, a communication gap or just a fun gap, this event will strengthen your teams. They will have to learn to rely on one another, trust their team and BELIEVE that they can not only succeed, but do the seemingly impossible.

The Challenge

bridge 2Bridge the Gap is about believing you can do the impossible – build a bridge to cross a 6’ span of water and allow one of your team members to walk across it. As the Project Manager divides the group into teams, outlines the building materials, and issues the directive, there is visible consternation in the group (exemplified by lots of rolling eyes!) Everyone knows the task is impossible – cardboard can’t hold people!! You can hear the moans “We’re going to get soaked!” “Who thought this up?” “We’ll never win this.”

But as the provisions – some tape, some cardboard, some rope, some surprise materials and some tools – are issued and conversations about how to accomplish the task ensue, slowly the attitude changes. Just maybe we can do this. Teams debate new design concepts, talk about engineering feats, strategize construction plans, and debate which of their team mates are most worthy of crossing the bridge!

bridge 3When all bridges are complete, the testing begins. One at a time, teams set their bridge up across the water (ether a ravine filled with water, or a small pool). The brave cross their bridge to see how well their team did. Since this event calls for imagination, team spirit, courage, and letting go of what’s seemingly impossible, we’ll award prizes for not only the winning team but for spirit, creativity and risk-taking.

Overall, while it’s difficult to envision a cardboard bridge sturdy enough to walk across, it’s amazing the team transformation that happens during this event. They become united, freed from their assumptions, and excited about the success they achieved in accomplishing an “impossible” goal.

The Bridge the Gap event will include:

  • Coordination of bridge building for teams of 8-10 participants
  • Two to three hour event time
  • Professional MC/Facilitator to manage and host the event
  • All equipment and supplies (cardboard, decorations, tools, fasteners, materials, etc.) to design and build bridges
  • Set-up of event & decorations to set the tone
  • Costumed, professional event staff to coordinate and lead the event
  • DJ &/or sound system with microphone to add color commentary and uplifting tunes
  • Color coded team identification (armbands or bandannas)
  • Awards for team members in 2 fun categories
  • Customized printed rules & regulations manual for each team
  • Coordination, planning, preparation, and implementation of the event
  • All travel, set, strike and delivery expenses

Client/Hotel to Provide:

  • Space/room for all activities including use of beach or grass area, including any facility fees
  • Parking fees for the event staff
  • Power hookup for DJ/sound system
  • Three skirted and draped six or eight foot tables for sound and equipment
  • Any transportation requirements for participants
  • Any guest food or beverage requirements
  • Towels for the guests

Event Details:

Ideal Group Size: 30 or more guests
Length: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
Space Required: Outdoor open space (beach or grassy area)