Escape the Mob (Remote Version)

Using an online meeting/conferencing platform, Escape the Mob begins with a mysterious video telling teams that they are incriminated in the perfect heist.  They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Teams have a limited amount of time to get their story straight and determine the exact time they were at each place on the night of the robbery.

After an initial briefing from the online facilitator, The Go Team app leads teams through a series of challenges to complete; a variety of photos, videos, cryptic questions and riddles, which will give them clues to the ultimate solution.  Challenges may draw on the latest Escape Room style quests including ciphers, symbol swapping alpha puzzles, searching for objects in images, riddles, pattern identification, mysterious sounds and more!

Teams gain points for correct answers.  The winning team is the team with the most points but there is also shared jubilation as the teams must ultimately collaborate to clear their name.

One of the most important things during the whole game is that the participants use and combine their different skills and develop creative solutions. The part which makes Escape the Mob even more interesting is, that in the end all teams have to cooperate as they have to put all clues together to get a complete alibi and crack the final code. Teamwork is essential here.

Standard Game Inclusions:

  • Event design and coordination for teams of 4 players each
  • 60-90-minute event
  •  Professional Event Manager to manage your experience
  • Instructions on how to download app, activity, and game play
  • A tightly scripted adventure consisting of gathering evidence to prove your innocence
  • Interactive challenges to remotely play with your team  
  • A WeTransfer at the end of the vent of all photos taken during activity

Client to Provide: 

  • (1) Computer for each participant capable of accessing Zoom Meetings
  • (1) 3G/4G OR Wifi enabled smartphone or tablet for each player
  • Designated time or time frame for participants to play
  • Point of contact within company to liaison with our Event Manager