Corporate Limpics

Corporate Limpics

Do you have a high energy competitive group that is ready for a challenge? Limpics allows participants to get out of their comfort zones and compete for the chance to be gold medalists… Let the games begin!


Experience the thrill of victory without a lifetime of training, qualifying and corporate sponsorships.  It’s our unique version of the famous Summer and Winter Games… LIMPICS! The fun and crazy relays featured in our LIMPICS do not require years of dedicated training, just a desire to have a great time. Your group will be laughing and cheering each other on throughout this crazy competition.  This event is sure to build “esprit de corp” from the moment the games begin until long after the awards ceremony is complete!

After the energizing warm up, teams will be asked to line up on the playing field.  They will compete in a series of four competitive races.  Your group will be expected to work together to complete tricky tasks using fun equipment like toilet paper, plungers, switzers, and plastic sea life.  They may be required to toss and twist, hula and hustle, squeeze and scramble, or chase and cheer.  You can never be too sure what the next event might require.  One thing you can be sure of is that even though the games are non-athletic, they are highly competitive!  We guarantee you’ve never experienced an event like this before!

Here is a sample of some of the games you might encounter.  You’ll see all are designed for armchair athletes, to allow maximum participation no matter what the physical abilities of your group.

  • Buddy Brigade
  • Un-Obstacle Course
  • Island Goddess
  • Balloon Brigade
  • In a Pickle
  • Ping Pong Ball Scramble
  • Grocery Grab Bag
  • Tryke Races
  • Not Quite Javelin Throw
  • Hike and Pass
  • Fill ‘Er Up
  • Giant Jenga
  • And more!

Once the games have been played and the teams have earned their respect, it is time for the top three teams to step forward.  These teams will be honored in Olympic style with a fun ceremony designed to give them the kudos they deserve.  The medals that these teams receive will be badges of honor which will hang in their offices for years to come.