Corporate Game of Life

Corporate Game of Life

Risk everything for big gains or play it slow and steady?  How can your team make the most money in the Game of “Life?” 

This giant variation of the classic game “Life” will have your group competing in a variety of corporate challenges and activities that are sure to leave your teams feeling less like estranged colleagues and acquaintances and more like families!

Teams will be divided (randomly or pre-assigned, your choice) and given color coded bandannas for team identification.  Everything necessary to begin their journey, including a copy of the game rules, money and all equipment and supplies, is handed out, and then it’s time to get their “cars” ready to go!

Teams will randomly draw a card from a deck, which identifies their ‘occupation’ for the game.  Using a wagon as the base, each team will decorate their car for the journey. Teams will be given a variety of building and decorating supplies to create a vehicle that represents their team.  Their car will now be their ‘transportation’ to move around the game area.

Throughout the Game of Corporate Life, teams will encounter many challenges.  Using the urban area or resort of the event, we’ll construct a life-size game course that mimics work, with both pre-arranged projects and unexpected challenges. Teams tackle challenges by drawing cards and landing on spaces that may contain a surprise opportunity to earn or lose money.

Along the way, they’ll have opportunities to both earn and lose money based on skill… and luck!  Whatever the teams encounter, you can be sure they’ve never played a game like this before!  Part amazing race, part board game, your teams will laugh and bond as they compete.  The one big rule they won’t want to forget: live life to the fullest and have fun!

The Dramatic Finish: In the end, teams will report back to the finish line and turn in their cash to be tabulated.  When all teams have crossed the “finish line,” scores will be tallied and the winning team announced.