No matter at what point you are in your career, success is determined by how skilled you are at building personal relationships and connections.


commonalities-1Research shows that if attendees at your gathering meet at least 10 other people in the first few hours at the event, they automatically feel connected and part of your community. Commonalities guarantees that everyone creates new relationships immediately!

This event will:

  • Encourage newcomers and old-timers to mingle and get to know one another
  • Establish ‘conversation topics’ for the rest of the meeting or conference
  • Raise the energy level and enthusiasm of the group
  • Create lasting friendships and relationships

Most of us commonalities-2have heard the expression “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.” Often at business functions, people have a natural tendency to congregate with friends and the people they already know. This event will not only break up the cliques, but also bring newcomers quickly into the group. They’ll find that they have many things in common ~ and all it takes is a little communication to find a lot of common ground.


Setting the Stage


Prior to the guests entering the room, we’ll place custom designed “Reserved” signs on each table. The signs will say things like:

  • Reserved for Chocoholics
  • Reserved for Twitter Addicts
  • Reserved for Dog Lovers
  • Reserved for People Who WISH 5:00 Were Quitting Time

Guests will be encouraged to sit at a table that best reflects something about them.


The Event


Our MC/Facilitatorcommonalities-3 will take the stage and introduce the rules and the challenge: for each group to find as many things as they possibly can that everyone has in common. Groups talk and share dreams, hobbies, vacation interests and all kinds of unusual facts as they try to discover the most unique or surprising commonality.

After the discussions, we’ll award some prizes as we uncover just how many things the group has in common and how unusual those commonalities are. As they share their stories with the rest of the group, the laughter and “aha’s” make it clear that everyone has kindled new friendships. The result is a fun learning experience where colleagues build and strengthen relationships while at the same time creating momentum and energy for the conference.


The Commonalities Event will Include:


  • Professional MC / facilitator to lead the game
  • All equipment and supplies necessary for the event, including table topic cards and Commonalities worksheets
  • Prizes for the winning teams
  • All planning, travel, set-up, strike & delivery of the event (except as noted below)


NOTE: This price reflects a 3.5% cash discount. Should you wish to pay with a credit card, the 3.5% will be added back in to your final invoice. All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. In addition, a 5% rush surcharge will be added for any event contract signed less than two weeks prior to event.



Client to Provide:


  • Space/Room for the activity, including any facility/admission fees
  • Guest Food & Beverage, as desired
  • Microphone and sound system for the MC
  • Guests seated in rounds of 5-10 people each, with table stands on each table
  • Travel expenses to include:
  • Round trip airfare for one (1) person
  • One (1) hotel room at the host hotel, for 1 to 2 nights depending on event time and flight schedules