Comfort and Care

Comfort and Care

Help provide children with basic items they can keep and carry with them, providing them with a safe solution to house their personal possessions through life’s difficult circumstances.

Foster children are placed in care as wards of the state for any reason ranging from abuse to neglect. Due to no fault of their own, these children become a part of the dependency court system. On average 40-65 children per month enter care in counties across the states. Too often, foster children are shifted from one placement to another and find themselves having to put their clothing and belongings in garbage bags as they prepare to move. Unfortunately, the message these children receive is that they are unimportant and disposable.

Foster Children Organizations provide emergency backpacks and duffels to child protective investigative centers. This ensures that foster children can have something of their own, immediately when they enter care. In addition to the backpacks, they are also able to receive the following supplies: a fresh change of clothing, snacks, hygiene kit, school supply kit, colorful pillowcase, handmade blanket, book, and a stuffed animal.

In this event, each table becomes a team, with the objective of completing our childlike games to earn as many points as they can. As teams compete in the games, they will earn points; the team with the most points will be awarded the privilege to be the first to start filling their kits.

After the teams have had fun and the games have been played, your group will be asked to contribute to several different projects for this organization – decorate backpacks, fill school supply kits, fill hygiene kits, create birthday cards and build stuffed animals for kids within the foster community.  Each team will get the supplies they need to make their kits and decorate their backpacks, and then begin stuffing and decorating.

In a dramatic finish, we’ll invite representatives from the local agency to share stories of their services and tell stories about how important these items are to the children they work with.  These backpacks and what goes into them, help give a child comfort in a time of confusion.

In the end, everyone wins.  Your group leaves with a sense of spirit for their team and with a contribution of ‘heart-share’ to the local community.