Clipper Classic

Clipper Classic

Sailing to New Possibilities!

On olden maps, uncharted territory was marked by fire-breathing dragons.  Today, as your teams think about how they can discover ways for your company to thrive in this new economy, they will encounter their own dragons – objections that need to be overcome, communication challenges within their team, customers that must be pleased.  It is critical for them to BELIEVE that they can not only succeed, but do the seemingly insurmountable.

The Challenge: Clipper Classic is about believing you can do the impossible – build a boat out of cardboard that will race across the pool and carry two crew members across the finish line! As the navigating officer divides the group into crews, outlines the provisions, and issues the orders, there is visible consternation in the group. Everyone knows the task is impossible – cardboard doesn’t float!

But as the provisions – some tape, cardboard, and cutting utensils – are issued and conversations about how to accomplish the task ensue, slowly the attitude changes…  Just maybe we can do this.

Ideas fly, the ships begin to take shape, doubts are dissipated, and a new spirit emerges within each of the teams.  Suddenly, the task is no longer impossible, and they are capable of achieving great things!

When all vessels are ready to shove off, the race will begin. To successfully complete the regatta, teams will have to sail their boats on a predetermined course and splash their way to the finish line intact.

Since this event calls for imagination, team spirit, courage, and letting go of what’s seemingly impossible,  we’ll award prizes for not only winning the race, but for spirit, creativity and risk-taking.

Overall, while it’s difficult to envision a cardboard boat staying afloat, the team transformations are eminent.  They become united in purpose and excited about the success they achieved in accomplishing an impossible goal.  We’ll quickly debrief the event (if desired) to cover some key learnings about how to believe you can make a difference and discover new opportunities in your business.