Cartoon Cart Challenge

Cartoon Cart Challenge

Enjoy the thrill of the digital game in real life!


Love Mario Kart?  You’re not alone – Mario has surpassed Mickey Mouse as the most recognized and loved cartoon character in the world! With our Cartoon Cart Challenge, you’re not going to be racing on a screen – this event recreates the thrill of the digital version in real life!

How it works: Creativity comes alive as team’s design and build their cartoon carts.  Following the tech specs, each cart must meet minimum requirements, including attaching specific targets.  Colorful, fast, streamlined…each one is unique.   The drivers then get outfitted in their racing suits and the race is on!

Each race consists of a series of laps, done in a speed walk (one foot must always be in contact with the ground.)  At three, two, one, GO! The challenge starts, and racers head for the first pit stop where they receive their power shooters.  Throughout the race, various activities allow drivers to receive a power-up (Star) or additional projectile items (Red Shell, Blue Shell, or Banana).

Drivers accumulate points with:

  • Bananas – Hitting another car with a banana (which in turn causes their opponent to spin around in circles)
  • Red & Blue Shells – Toss at the other drivers to give them a temporary red flag
  • Shooters – Color splash the other team in the exact right target

Pit stops with driver changes, music that changes the direction of racing, fuel-ups and other unexpected and amusing twists give teams plenty of ways to race to the top of the leaderboard.  This wacky, comical and unconventional event is perfect to build camaraderie as it brings back memories and leaves your group laughing out loud!