Brain Freeze Jeopardy

Brain Freeze Jeopardy

A blizzard styled trivia game based loosely after the Jeopardy TV Show!

Are you ready for a Brain Freeze?  Get ready to compete in this mind chilling game show experience!  The points and information fly fast and furious as contestants compete against one another in the coolest contest this side of the Antarctic.

As the contestants enter the playing room they all receive a numbered ticket which designates which table they will sit at and given their personal number.  With music blaring, everyone will then be introduced to none other than the calm, cool and collected Brain Freeze game host.

The game is explained, numbers are called, and the first three contestants are revealed.  They take their place at their podiums as the host highlights today’s Brain Freeze categories. The topics can be based on facts and information about your company, or based around pop culture and local trivia.

Whatever is chosen, contestants must be quick because the first to buzz in gets to answer the question in the hopes of winning points!

The first team to answer the question will get to choose the next category from our large illuminated Brain Freeze Board.   Hidden within the board the contestants will find four “Freeze Outs”.  The player that discovers these will get the choice to freeze another team’s score for two turns, compete in a frozen frenzy activity with their table mates, or collectively answer a frosty trivia question.

After the frozen trivia rounds and a hilarious commercial break, it is time for the “Freeze Frame”. This frigid finale will determine the coolest contestants! We’ll bring up the top three players, and they’ll get to collaborate with their table to decide how many points they are willing to risk.  Then, the Host will give out the final question and we’ll find out which team can breeze past the competition!

Come out and enjoy this chilly challenge of a game show and let everyone see just how cool your company is!