Believe It or Not

Belive It . . . or Not!

How much do you really know about the guy from Alabama? Did he really sling burgers at McDonalds for his first job? And the guy that helps customize the barcode software. Did he seriously flunk Math in the 3rd grade? What’s up with that new gal that just joined the sales team? Was she truly a band nerd in high school?


You’ll find out all this and more about your associates in a fast-paced and revealing game of “Believe It….Or NOT!”


This event will:

  • Encourage guests to get to know one another in a light-hearted competition
  • Establish ‘conversation topics’ for the rest of the meeting or conference
  • Raise the energy level and enthusiasm of the group
  • Create lasting friendships


As guests arrive, they get a blank tag and pen. Their job is to quickly write three things about themselves on the tag – two that are true and one that is false. The goal is to choose facts that no one knows about you, and will make others ask “can that possibly be true?” They also get 10 “Believe It…Or Not” coupons to play the game with.


Then the action is on!


The goal is to collect as many coupons as they can, by distinguishing which of the other guest’s facts is the one that is not believable. Meet as many people as you can, find the unbelievable fact, and move on. Fast-paced and furious, guests will meet dozens of people – and soon find out more than they ever thought they would know about their associates!


As the game plays on, our game hosts roam the party, giving guests opportunities to earn additional coupons through fun games and challenges. At the end, guests turn in their coupons for a prize drawing. While it’s always fun to go home with prize, the real reward for your guests is getting the inside skinny on others in the company! Conversations for the rest of the meeting are sure to be lively!



The Believe It . . . Or Not event will include:

  • Event design for a 1 to 2 hour event
  • Professional MC / facilitator and event staff to run the game
  • All equipment and supplies necessary for the event
  • Prizes for the winners (5 prizes)
  • Travel, set-up, strike & delivery of the event


NOTE: All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. In addition, a 5% rush surcharge will be added for any event contract signed less than two weeks prior to event. This price reflects a 3.5% cash discount. Should you wish to pay with a credit card, the 3.5% will be added back in to the final invoice.



Client to Provide:

  • Space/Room for the activity
  • Parking for event staff
  • Guest Food & Beverage, as desired
  • Microphone and sound system with an audio hook-up for the MC



  • Use this as a sponsorship opportunity! Prior to your meeting, have guests submit their three facts to us. We will pre-print game pieces with their custom information and your sponsor’s logo.