Teambuilding on a grand musical scale.


BW2As the entire group transforms into a giant percussion band. Without doubt BeatsWork is the most exhilarating teambuilding activity to sweep the world.


Using the infectious rhythms of samba, BeatsWork transforms a group of individuals into a giant percussion band – with each person playing their part, in time and on cue.


Starting in small groups with a professional percussionist, your team is taught the basics of samba beats and breaks. By using a variety of rhythm based warm up exercises, they soon move onto real instruments with each group learning the different instruments and rhythms. As confidence and ability grows the groups are brought together in preparation for a stunning and pulsating finale of epic proportions.


BW3With BeatsWork everyone is involved. Even the most reserved characters are soon beaming from ear to ear as they stamp, beat, shake and drum in rhythm with their colleagues. The perfect example of teamwork at its best, BeatsWork demonstrates that when individuals work in rhythm together as a team they become an unstoppable force.



If creating a sense of unity and shared achievement is important to you, unleash your team on BeatsWork – it will bring out the best in them.



Key Business Benefits

Collaboration » Sharing ideas » One team one goal » Focus on planning and logic » Develops planning »

Focus on results » Resource management » Breaking down silos » Creating synergy



Summary of Investment

Your event includes:

  • Design of event for teams of 6 people each
  • Two Hour event time
  • Professional MC / Event Manager / Host for the event
  • Professional event staff to operate the event
  • All equipment and supplies
  • Puzzles and team challenges
  • Sound system with microphone and music
  • Color coded team ID (armbands or bandannas)
  • All delivery, set and strike
  • All travel expenses


Client to Provide:

  • Space for all events, including any facility fees that may apply
  • Trash Cans
  • Patch into House Sound
  • Parking for event staff
  • Tables for teams and supplies
  • Any guest F&B, as desired