Bean Around the World

Bean Around the World!

A fast paced, dynamic and highly thought provoking game based on coffee trading that will stimulate the energy in any conference programme.


BATW2Remember when there were just two kinds of coffee… black or white? Now, as with everything in life, things are more complicated. Coffee is a ‘must-have’ lifestyle accessory and consumers have an ever-widening range of flavours and options available from an increasingly competitive choice of outlets and brands.

This has made the business of coffee trading a lively place to be. From Kenya to the Caribbean, and from Brazil to Borneo, to succeed in the coffee business takes excellent market intelligence and fantastic service, combined with the ability to respond quickly to ever-changing consumer trends and tastes.

BATW3With Bean Around the World teams play the part of coffee traders in providing the supply chain from producer to outlet and finally to the ever-fickle consumer. This competitive game really captures the essence of new economy teams and focuses on such issues as short-term success versus long-term strategy, risk management, win-win negotiation, managing supplier and customer needs within a complex supply chain; and the power of good information.

BATW4Bean Around the World is a dynamic and thought-provoking trading game that will stimulate and energize any conference programme and generate fresh ideas and approaches to business. Add a review and analysis session and you have the perfect conference pick-me-up that can build extra-strength commitment and customer focus. And what better way could there be to introduce a coffee break?



Key Business Benefits

Supports strategic planning » Develops networking skills » Customer service focus »

Changes attitudes » Promotes problem solving » Visualising the future » Offers review and reflection



Summary of Investment

Your event includes:

  • Design of event for teams of 8 people each
  • Custom methodology to frame the event for debrief
  • Event time frame of 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Professional MC / Event Manager / Host for the event
  • Professional event staff to operate the event
  • All equipment and supplies for the activity
  • Printed materials and signage
  • Color coded team ID (armbands or bandannas)
  • Prizes for the winning team
  • DJ and/or sound system, with microphone and upbeat music for the event
  • All delivery, set and strike
  • All Travel & Delivery expenses


Client to Provide:

  • Space for all events, including any facility fees that may apply
  • Parking for event staff
  • Trash Cans
  • Power for the sound system
  • Patch into House Sound
  • Tables for teams and supplies
  • Small riser/stage, for groups over 100 guests
  • Any guest F&B, as desired