B1G1 Charity Techno Challenge

B1G1 Charity Techno Challenge

Make a difference in the world while building camaraderie in your organization! 

Utilizing the latest in wireless advances and building on people’s intrinsic need for adventure and interaction, Tthe B1G1 Techno Challenge puts your associates in the heart of an immersive reality-based game!  It’s a combination of Cranium, YouTube, Mission: Impossible, and The Amazing Race – all shook up and rolled out on the streets. The Challenge is … we’ll say it, the MOST fun you can have with an Ipad!  The game “board” is the zany venues of the local area; your teams are the “pieces” and there is no rulebook!

Grab your web-enabled Ipad (we provide) and log into the game with all the directions, locations, and feedback already programmed.  Devise a strategy:  Do the tasks worth the most points first? The closest ones? The most fun ones?  It’s up to you! Complete the missions in the most ingenious, daring, and creative fashion imaginable.  Updates, feedback and scores are kept in real-time as teams’ race through their Go Team experience.

While completing these challenges your team contributes to certain impacts for global charities ranging from offering a child education for a day, to supplying a community with malaria jobs. The uniqueness of this event means that your team can explore new places whilst giving back. Every challenge completed means money goes straight to that impact.

Missions can be custom designed around your charity options, business, industry or company too!

Sample missions your teams will enjoy the thrill of:

  • Creating Jimmy Fallon style Thank You notes
  • Performing a flash dance, Gangnam style, for people on the street – and giving a child in Cambodia dance lessons
  • Filming a scene from Look Who’s Talking using only your fingertips – and donating reproductive and child healthcare to a woman in India
  • Capturing a photo of your team doing something to write home about
  • Creating an off-kilter infomercial for one of your products – and giving a family in Malaysia care for a cancer patient

At the end, all the money will be donated to the B1G1 Initiative, the winning teams are awarded with prizes and of course bragging rights for the remainder of the conference!