A “Beary” Fun Event

beary 1A ‘Beary’ Fun Event!℠

“Feel Good . . .Do Good!”

Every community has a children’s hospital in constant need of items to cheer up children, not only at the holidays but all year long. In this fun event, your teams will build camaraderie and esprit-de-corp as they re-live the spirit of imagination, curiosity and play. This program is about making a difference ~ and bringing some childhood into your life and the life of a child.


Beneficially Speaking…

This event:

Provides a fun way to give a meaningful donation to a charity through a collaborative event
Challenges participants to work together in a common task and get it done in the timelines scheduled.
Encourages individual talents and skills to shine as everyone contributes to the team in their own unique way.
Resonates a great message of how your company cares about children and families, and increases the company’s image to both the public as well to the employees themselves.


Who You’ll Help…

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The Experience…

Since the event is about bringing childhood to life, your group will be invited to separate into teams that are identified with color coded team ID. Their goal: to earn as many points as possible to redeem at the Bear Store!

Teams will be invited to compete in fun activities to earn points for their team. They challenges might include:

  • Bear Sing Down – how many songs can you come up with that mention a Bear
  • beary 7Bear Poses – grab a camera and see if you can capture the coolest picture of an out-of-the-ordinary stuffed bear
  • Storybook Bears – recreate stories from famous bear books
  • Name That Bear – match the bear to his crazy antics or story
  • Gummy Bear Taste Test – can you name that flavor

At the end of the challenges, teams will tally their points, then head to the Bear Store!


beary 8The Dramatic Finish

Each team will redeem their points for un-stuffed bears, bags of stuffing, wishes and of course – a fun outfit for the bear! The better they did at the challenges, the more bears they get to stuff!

As the items are completed, teams clean up and regroup for the grand finale – the presentation of their handiwork to the actual charities. Representatives from the agency will be invited to speak and share their stories. These poignant, touching and often tear-jerking testimonials will allow your group to truly create an emotional bond with the charity they are helping.

The feel-good from this event is touching and indescribable as your group generosity is felt throughout the community. While your guests goal was to “grow down” and experience childhood again, the ultimate result is that they are giving kids growing up way too fast a chance at childhood.


Your Beary Fun Event includes:

  • beary 9Event design and implementation for teams of 8 people each
  • MC and event staff to operate and facilitate the event
  • All equipment, supplies and materials for the challenges
  • Unstuffed bears, wish stars, and outfits
  • Sound system with microphone for MC, announcements and to provide tunes throughout the event
  • Coordination with local agency, plus delivery of bears and books
  • All planning, coordination, implementation, set and strike of the event
  • All travel and delivery expenses

Note: All event dates are subject to availability and are only guaranteed upon contract signing. In addition, a 5% rush surcharge may be added for any event contract signed less than two weeks prior to the event. Agency representatives and/or kids are subject to timing of your event and availability.


Client/Hotel to Provide:

  • Space/room for all activities and any permit fees that may apply
  • Parking for event staff
  • Power hook up for sound system
  • Skirted and draped banquet tables for supplies
  • Rounds for the guests
  • Any guest food and beverage requirements (optional)


Event Details:

Ideal Group Size: 20 or more guests
Length: 1 to 2 hours, depending on group size and inclusions
Space: Indoors space with rounds