• Happy Hour Cook-Off

    Happy Hour Cook-Off

    The Chef’s whistle blows . . . the long awaited “Ladies & Gentlemen, Grab your knives!” is heard . . . the fun is about to begin. This is competition cooking at its finest! We supply the ingredients; you supply the talent, enthusiasm and creativity. Your teams prepare the Happy Hour feast!

  • In It To Win It

    In It To Win It

    Ever watch the TV show and think you could go to the top level? Now’s your chance as we bring the game alive! Compete as teams or as individuals in dozens of 60-second challenges as you work your way up the money ladder. And for an added thrill, compete in a final game for a real $1,000,000 dollars at the end!

  • In the Zone

    In the Zone

    Step right up sports fans, it’s time to get in the zone – the sports zone that is! This ultimate sports challenge will have you testing your skills and dexterity on the field! Athletes and non-athletes alike get into these crazy games that resemble ones they might know . . . but something is off kilter! Some events require skill ~ all events require teamwork, enthusiasm and humor.

  • Innoventions of the Millennium

    Innoventions of the Millennium

    In the new millennium, teams will have to be innovative and entrepreneurial to stay ahead of the curves of change, both for their own company and their clients. Explore the mental thought processes needed to come up with break-through new ideas. Each Research and Development team and must create a product to submit to a team of investors for a potential IPO.

  • Interactive Sushi and Sake Experience

    Interactive Sushi and Sake Experience

    The Interactive Sushi and Sake Experience Tired of the same old meal program?  Then get ready for an extremely engaging cooking experience like none other! This is an interactive experience at its finest!  Your guests will learn to master the art of making sushi and tasting sake. Learn about sushi and sake history and production […]

  • Sand Sculpture Extravaganza

    Sand Sculpture Extravaganza

    Get ready to unleash your creative side with the Sand Sculpture Extravaganza! We’ll bring the equipment, and you bring the imagination. Competitors in the past have designed Jacuzzis with bikini-clad bathers and even an Olympic swimming pool with the USA taking the gold. As our Professional Artist gives instructions, he also sets the rules: no boring sandcastles! Get creative, use your imagination and start sculpting.

  • Superhero Training Camp

    Superhero Training Camp

    Ever dreamt of being a Superhero? Then join in this covert training mission! At Superhero Training Camp, you’ll test your skills to see if you have what it takes to leap over tall buildings, escape evil, conquer the dangerous bad guys, and of course, save the world!

  • The Oh-Mazing Race

    The Oh-Mazing Race

    Get ready to hit the streets in our championship OH-Mazing Race! Teams are pitted against one other in this zany rally that combines the best of the TV series Amazing Race with the wild antics of a gumball rally! The event is designed to allow you to experience one of the most exciting cities in the world as you collaborate with your team in a series of physical, creative and intellectual pursuits all over the city.