Community Service

  • A “Beary” Fun Event

    A “Beary” Fun Event

    The feel-good from this design-a-bear event is touching and indescribable as your group generosity is felt throughout the hospital community. Get ready to play some hilarious bear games, then stuff and costume bears to bring a smile of joy to a child.

  • A Gift for Teaching

    A Gift for Teaching

    Devoted teachers spend between $500 and $1,000 of their own money to buy school and personal hygiene supplies for their students. In this action-oriented hunt, you’ll compete to solve clues relating to grade-school subjects – geography, math, science and more – to earn highly needed school supplies.

  • Artful Giving

    Artful Giving

    The traditional hospital setting is exemplified by white, sterile walls and ceilings. Examining rooms, waiting rooms, corridors are all too often colorless, lifeless, and certainly not inviting. Change that experience as you paint pre-drawn colorful art canvases. You provide nothing but the heart – no artistic talent is necessary.

  • Barkitecture


    Ever feel like you’re in the doghouse? Well, in this fun and creative event, we’ll definitely let the dogs out! Your group – and man’s best friend – will come out a winner as you make a positive difference and leave a lasting impression in the communities you meet in.

  • Bike Building

    Bike Building

    Many inner city youth would give everything for a bright shiny new bike! In this event, your team is tasked with assembling bikes of all sizes while joining in challenges to get the tools to assemble the bikes, or create a fun obstacle course where they use the bikes and compete against the other teams in a race against the clock.

  • Book Worms

    Book Worms

    Build bookshelves to enhance community schools and libraries to encourage reading. Your group will build and design bookshelves, then fill them with books. An ongoing book drive within your corporation can keep the giving alive.

  • Caring Connections

    Caring Connections

    In a diverse and collaborative environment, business gets done through the knowledge and relationships of the people on the team. Get to know your colleagues in a whole new light as you earn minutes on a phone card for soldiers overseas. While your group builds connections among each other, they are also connecting with a soldier – and allowing a soldier to connect with his friends and family!

  • Helping Hands, Helping Hearts

    Helping Hands, Helping Hearts

    Truly change lives as you access the potential of your hands, heads and hearts to build a better team, a better organization and a better world by assembling prosthetic hands to be donated to children in countries that have been torn apart by war, land mines and natural disasters.

  • Pantry Putters

    Pantry Putters

    Step onto the green! Tom Fazio has nothing on your teams as they are challenged to create a one-of-a-kind golf hole with innovative design plans that include hundreds of cans and boxes of all kinds of food ~ to outline the pathway and make curves, drop-offs, hills, and caves. After building and playing the course, all the food will be donated to the local food bank.

  • Tiny Blessings

    Tiny Blessings

    Delivering Tiny Blessings AGENTS OF “CHANGE”   The speed of change in business is breathtaking. It is constant, unnerving, exciting, annoying frenetic, and necessary – all wrapped up in a messy bundle. While some people love it and other people, not so much, the rate of change is only going to get faster and bigger. Often, […]